Tuesday 18 February 2014

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The ascent of the city
The Economist, 15/02/2014, p.23 
The capital’s skyline is a growing mess. Let Boris sort it out

Making a subject sexy? All in the timing, José
Evening Standard, 17/02/2014, p.52, Unattributed
JOSE Manuel Barroso, the European Commission president, was taken aback by a full house at the London School of Economics the other night — Valentine's Day, no less — to hear his musings on the distinctly unsexy subject of the UK's role in the European Union.

Psychologist on a mission to give every child a Learning Chip
The Guardian, 18/02/2014, p.38, Peter Wilby
through pre-school intervention were therefore bound to fail - angry students besieged his office in California. The renowned psychologist Hans Eysenck, who backed Jensen, was punched while lecturing at the London School of Economics. The controversy exploded again in the 1990s when the Harvard psychology professor Richard Herrnstein and political scientist Charles Murray published their book The Bell Curve, which

Patrick McAuslan
The Guardian, 18/02/2014, p.37, Martin Loughlin
provider of evening courses, shaping the distinctive character of each through his commitment to the promotion of social justice through law. After a brief period as a lecturer at the London School of Economics (1966-68), he was enticed to Warwick by the prospect of helping to create a law school dedicated to breaking with tradition and teaching law in its

Renzi snaps up Italian job and seeks coalition
City AM, 18/02/2014, p.6, Michael Bird
have represented a step in the right direction but are still insufficient," said Luigi Speranza of BNP Paribas. He pointed to former European Central Bank board member Lorenzo Bini-Smaghi and London School of Economics professor Lucrezia Reichlin as options for the role of new finance minister.

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Do baby boomers deserve a better rap? | Conor Gearty
guardian.co.uk (Web), 17/02/2014, Conor Gearty
unemployment and soaring bills for housing and higher education. They have wrecked the lives of the generations that follow them. Justice demands they pay a price. In the second of LSE's unique series of public prosecutions , to be held later this month, the charge sheet will be pretty extensive. The prosecution's opening statement will no doubt explain how the

Making a subject sexy? All in timing Jose
Evening Standard (Web), 17/02/2014, Unattributed
Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission president, was taken aback? by a full house at the London School of Economics the other night - Valentine’s? Day, no less - to hear his musings on the distinctly unsexy subject of the UK’s role in? the European Union.

Bet Scots will say No, but hedge the referendum
Reuters UK (Web), 17/02/2014, Alastair Macdonald
it sought the union of 1707. A surge in nationalism could dent a No campaign reliant on appeals to humdrum economic anxieties. "The question is," Arno van der Zwet of the London School of Economics wrote in a blog, "Will such a bubble be enough to shift the debate from the head to the heart and persuade the closet nationalists?" OPEN MINDS Tax
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Renzi poised to form Italian government, promises rapid change
Reuters UK (Web), 17/02/2014, James Mackenzie
new government underway, attention has focused on Renzi's likely choice as economy minister, a position vital to reassuring Italy's international partners. Speculation has concentrated on Lucrezia Reichlin, a professor at the London School of Economics who is also in the running to become deputy governor of the Bank of England. If confirmed, her appointment would continue a series of technocrat finance ministers

Universidad inglesa oferta sus carreras
Diario Expreso, 18/02/2014
Directivos de la Escuela de Economía y Ciencias Políticas de la London School of Economics están en el país para informar sobre la oferta académica que esta entidad ofrece. En Guayaquil, la cita...

martedì 18 febbraio 2014O'Donnell+Tuomey firma lo student centre della LSE di Londra
Archi Portale, 18/02/2014
dublinese O'Donnell + Tuomey ha completato il nuovo student centre della London School of Economics (LSE), un imponente contenitore universitario, che sorge nell'area precedentemente occupata...

Gb: con 'archistar' più permessi per grattacieli
Ansa.it, 17/02/2014
Studio London School of Economics, possono ottenere in media 19 piani in più (ANSA) - LONDRA, 17 FEB - La London School of Economics ha trovato una sorta di "effetto archistar": in...

Flooded sites 'earmarked for thousands of homes'
Planning Resource, 17/02/2014
a halt on building on "defenceless" flood plains. A report from the London School of Economics has claimed that developers are hiring famous architects to build new towers across not only out...
http://www.planningresource.co.uk/article/1281092/flooded-sites-earmarked-thousands-homes| (£)

Ziegelgebirge in Westminster
BauNetz, 17/02/2014
Jahren. Doch der Neubau für das Saw Swee Hock Student Centre der London School of Economics (LSE) im Stadtteil Westminster ist aus Ziegeln gebaut. Die irischen Architekten O’Donnell+Tuomey Architects...

THE NEW REVIEW : Critics: Architecture: An addition worthy of honours: The LSE's profile-raising new student centre by O'Donnell and Tuomey is a quietly impressive 'red brick Eiger' built to real old-school standards of design and construction: Saw Swee H
4 Traders, 17/02/2014
a metaphor or two, says that the new student centre at the London School of Economics is "an LP". He is telling how the life of its interior revolves around a central spindle of lift and stair...

Gedaan met politiek: bittere pil voor Bruno Tuybens, afscheid in stijl voor Chokri Mahassine, roemloos einde voor Patrick Janssens
Knack, 18/02/2014
en concentreerde zich op een academische carrière. Hij doctoreert momenteel aan de London School of Economics rond stadsontwikkeling. Janssens huldigt het principe dat een comeback in de politiek...

Bonhams announces Sale of Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art
Artdaily.org, 18/02/2014
of TATE's MENA committee. He studied Philosophy and Logic at the London School of Economics and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2

Infamy dogs Monica Lewinsky
Boston Herald, 18/02/2014, Margery Eagan
she got a master’s degree in social psychology from the prestigious London School of Economics. But who, exactly, would hire her as a psychologist? She’s had numerous romances. But who would...

Somalie, la renaissance manquée, par Anna Bruzzone
Hypotheses, 18/02/2014
Trajectories as Processes of Institutional and Sociocognitive Standardization, thèse de doctorat, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), 2012, p. 79. [↩]Société britannique créée en 2013, Soma Oil and Gas a signé un contrat pétrolier...

La Bosnia brucia, la protesta degli operai e il futuro del Paese
Gli articoli di Cadoinpiedi.it, 18/02/2014, Marco Magini
ad Arezzo nel 1985. Si è laureato in Politica Economica Internazionale alla London School of Economics. Per motivi di studio e di lavoro ha vissuto in Canada, Stati Uniti, Belgio, Turchia e India. Oggi vive e lavora a Zurigo dove si occupa di...

Hong Kong Economic Journal, 18/02/2014
Years: Leading Economists Predict the Future)剛出版,此書由倫敦政治經濟學院( London School of Economics)編著,試圖以經濟學原理預測一個世紀之後的社會發展趨勢

An Irishman's Diary: George Bernard Shaw blows his horn
Irish Times, 18/02/2014
left his father. He achieved great success as a writer; co-founded the London School of Economics; married an Irish woman, Charlotte Payne-Townshend; and lived at Ayot St Lawrence, a village...

Big Ideas: 21/02/14 - ABC1 - 21/02/2014 - 11.00am
Enhance TV, 18/02/2014
Cox founding Co-Director of LSE IDEAS and professor of International Relations at London School of Economics queries just how far the world economy's axis has shifted towards Asia and away from...

17.02.2014UPDATE: Nowotny sieht EZB-Zinssenkung als offene Frage
Tradesignal Online, 17/02/2014
wäre, mehr Geld zu verleihen", sagte Nowotny am Abend vor Studenten der London School of Economics. Die EZB zahlt den Banken schon seit Sommer 2012 keine Zinsen mehr für ihre Einlagen und hat...
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"Yeşile yatırım yapmanın tam zamanı"
Dunya Gazetesi,17/02/2014
eğiliyor. 2006 yılında İngilitere'de yayımlanan rapor, 700 sayfadan oluşuyor. Bugün London School of Economics bünyesindeki Grantham Küresel Isınma Araştırma Enstitüsü'nün başkanlarından...

Some thoughts on learning
The Express Tribune, 17/02/2014
especially those in Pakistan. As a young BSc (Econ) undergraduate at the London School of Economics & Political Science from 1958 to 1961, I was fortunate to be exposed to subjects like the...

Vidas paralelas de dos ‘apparatchik’
Tribuna Libre, 17/02/2014
of Pennsylvania; Luis Garicano es catedrático de Economía y Estrategia en la London School of Economics.

The UK's most competitive universities
Hong Kong Standard, 17/02/2014
desirable destination, with an average of 521 points. Next up is the London School of Economics (541 points) and then Imperial College London (560 points), which is home to one of the largest...

Trader stress could make financial crises worse, study finds
Yahoo! UK and Ireland, 17/02/2014
Former Goldman Sachs trader turned neuroscientist found stress could make traders more cautious, exacerbating crisesFinancial markets may be more vulnerable to traders' stress levels than...

2011: congiura a palazzo contro Berlusconi
Panorama, 17/02/2014
politica monetaria, ma anche politica fiscale, come sottolinea Paul De Grauwe della London school of economics. Il mix di pillole da trangugiare, però, viene lasciato alle banche nazionali. Per...

Legoland Hires Itself Out to Islamist Hate Speaker
Breitbart.com, 17/02/2014
effectively silencing extremist preachers. He has previously been banned from speaking at London School of Economics after concerns were raised by the university’s Jewish Society. Dr Taj...

Regional cities key to national economic recovery
Cision Wire, 17/02/2014
Economics at the University of Cambridge, Clark completed his PhD at the London School of Economics. His political career started when he was made Director of Policy for the Conservative Party...

Step up and be bold, girls - success is paved with broken glass ceilings
TNT Magazine, 17/02/2014
ceiling. On Saturday, March 8, women will be joining forces at the London School of Economics for a series of short talks, reflective exercises, conversations and meditation.When: March 8, from...

Sept concours qui vous aideront à décrocher un emploi en finance
EFinancialCareers, 17/02/2014
mis en place par les clubs finance de l’Imperial College, la London School of Economics et l’University College London. L’an dernier, il a été parrainé par Morgan Stanley. Des équipes de cinq...

Euro elections 2014: You Tell Us (17/02/14) Part One
Open Democracy, 17/02/2014, Alex Sakalis
of the European Commission (EC), in a speech given at the London School of Economics on Friday, Europe is firmly on the way to overcoming the economic and financial crisis. United and together...

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BBC News
BBC Radio Bristol, 18/02/2014
Professor Tony Travers discusses local government public spending cuts.

BBC One, 17/02/2014
An LSE student features on the game show.