Wednesday 12 February 2014

LSE in print

Statins to be given to one in four adults

The Daily Telegraph, 12/02/2014, p.1, Laura Donnelly
Shah Ebrahim, professor of public health at the London School of Economics, said the recommendations were necessary, but were a sad indictment of modern lifestyle. He said: "It is a concern to have to mass-medicalise the whole of the British public in this way. A lot of this is about the food we eat - the saturated fat and processed foods and about the failure to control the food industry. In the long term, we need to move way from the idea that 'drugs for everybody’ is the way to tackle this problem,” he said.|  

Birthdays today
The Times, 12/02/2014, p.28, Unattributed
…Sir Howard Davies, chair, Airports Commission, former director, LSE, 63; Dr Kenneth Edwards, geneticist, former vice-chancellor, Leicester University, 80; Steve Hackett, guitarist, Genesis, 64…

The Independent, 12/02/2014, p.51, Unattributed
…Sir Howard Davies, former Director, London School of Economics, 63; Professor Christopher Edwards, former Chairman, NHS Medical Education England, 72; Costa-Gavras, filmmaker, 81; Martin Graham, Founder, Longborough Festival Opera, 71; Steve Hackett, guitarist, 64…

The Guardian, 12/02/2014, p.41, Unattributed
…Sir Howard Davies, economist, former director, London School of Economics, 63; Costa-Gavras, film director, 81; Martin Graham, chairman, Longborough Festival Opera, 72; Steve Hackett, guitarist, 64…

The Daily Telegraph, 12/02/2014, p.26, Unattributed
…Mr Fergus Slattery, former Ireland rugby player, 65; Sir Howard Davies, Director, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2003-11, 63; Mr Jim Renwick, former Scotland rugby player, 62; the Rt Rev Dom Cuthbert Madden, Abbot of Ampleforth, 59…

LSE online

John Pilger: Media complicit in war crimes

Green Left Weekly, 12/02/2014
…day after the Harvey program, Today “countered” with Toby Dodge from the London School of Economics, a former adviser to United States General David Petraeus, one of the architects of the disasters...|  

Reform on right track for China: Nobel laureate economist
Want China Times, 12/02/2014
…news agency on the sidelines of the China Development Forum at the London School of Economics. Proposing his solution to the problem, he said, "One thing could be done there is to erect a...|  

Švajčiarske kvóty pre cudzincov môžu ohroziť ekonomiku. Boja sa najmä banky, 12/02/2014
…nie je dobrá správa," cituje televízia CNBC Dominika Hangartnera, profesora britskej London School of Economics. Švajčiarsko už podobné kvóty kedysi zaviedlo. Platili do júna 2002. Hangartner pripomína, že vtedy zvyčajne dostávali povolenie naberať...|  

Study Confirms Money Turns Left-Wingers Into Stingy Right-Wingers
National And international News online, 12/02/2014
…of thousands of U.K. lottery winners by Nattavudh Powdthavee of the London School of Economics and Andrew J. Oswald of the University of Warwick. “Money apparently makes people more right-wing,” wrote the authors. The more money people win in the...|  

STUDY: The Bigger Your Lottery Win, The More Right Wing You Become
Business Insider Australia, 12/02/2014
Prof. Nick Powdthavee, from the University of Melbourne, currently based at the London School of Economics, and Prof. Andrew Oswald from The University of Warwick surveyed 541 lottery winners...|  

London Regulator Sees Doping in Cycling Like Banks Before Fines
BusinessWeek, 12/02/2014
…Kirchmaier, a fellow in the Financial Markets Group Research Center at the London School of Economics and Political Science. "Bankers are shell-shocked and more frightened than they were in…|  

London Regulator Brings Heavier Touch to Banking Rules
Bloomberg, 12/02/2014
…Kirchmaier, a fellow in the Financial Markets Group Research Center at the London School of Economics and Political Science. “Bankers are shell-shocked and more frightened than theywere in...|  

News Hub set to create opportunities for freelance journalists (Web), 11/02/2014, Rehema Figueiredo
Its founder, William Stolerman, says that the site's ultimate aim is "to pay journalists better than ever before". However, Charlie Beckett, a former journalist who is now director of media and communications at the London School of Economics, brands it "clever but not a way to live". Freelancers are also sceptical.|  

South Sudan marks new foreign policy chapter for China - official
Reuters UK (Web), 11/02/2014, Michael Martina
"China has been playing an active role, although a limited one," Laura Barber, programme assistant for the African International Affairs programme at the London School of Economics, told Reuters in an email. "China's mediation experience remains limited and the extent and depth of its involvement in trying to resolve the South Sudan crisis is limited. Respect for sovereignty remains at the heart of China's foreign policy and Beijing is keen to avoid being seen as interfering," she added.|  

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Norwegian voting patterns are a warning to leftwing parties elsewhere (Web), 11/02/2014, Henning Finseraas, Kåre Vernby
Indeed, we find suggestive evidence from the most recent parliamentary elections in western European countries are consistent with some of the patterns we find in the Norwegian case: new right parties do better in elections with a high level of turnout, while new left parties do worse.
This blog originally appeared on LSE's EUROPP blog.|  

'Enough is enough for university strikes'
Telegraph (Web), 11/02/2014, Unattributed
The discrepancies in subjects and in different universities across the country also leave a bad taste. It’s bad luck for English students at Queen Mary, compared to economics where there are fewer striking staff. My flatmate at LSE hasn’t missed a class this year, despite these strikes. Fair pay in higher education (#fairypayinHE) is hardly an unacceptable request.|  

Michael Grade: My blueprint for the BBC
The Independent (Web), 11/02/2014, Unattributed
Fewer departments, fewer managers with six-figure salaries, fewer demands on cash, and a smaller target for its enemies. In essence, a simpler, much more manageable institution. Perhaps the London School of Economics or some such organisation could model these ideas to see how much lower the licence fee could be set.|  

Wale Tinubu, Nigeria’s oil Czar
Daily Sun, 11/02/2014
…Wale graduated with LLB from the University of Liverpool and LLM from London School of Economics in 1990, he came under the tutelage of one Babatunde Raji Fashola, a crack litigator, who was...

ОЭС признала ошибки в экономических прогнозах
Maintain Economy, 11/02/2014
ОЭСР Пьер Карло Падоан в рамках официальной презентации в Лондонской школе экономике ( London School of Economics) отметил, что организация допустила ряд заметных неточностей в своих прогнозах...|  

Not much learnt and still no end in sight for this Co-op saga
Yahoo! UK and Ireland, 11/02/2014
After 11 hearings, 18 witnesses, and hundreds of pages of associated documents and other evidence, what have we actually learnt?It was almost with a look of relief that Andrew Tyrie told those...|  

Economic forecasting errors of 2007-12 period rival that of oil shock of 1970's
Director of Finance Online, 11/02/2014
…Carlo Padoan said during a launch event today in London with the London School of Economics. "We have taken steps to improve short-term forecasting models, construct better indicators of financial...|  

Wert analiza en Londres el sistema británico de préstamos universitarios y la evaluación de la actividad investigadora
El, 11/02/2014
La delegación española ha mantenido una encuentro con el director de la London School of Economics and Political Sciences, para analizar los mecanismos de selección del profesorado y su sistema...|  

Zona Bucureşti-Ilfov, mai prosperă decât trei sferturi din regiunile UE
Capital Romania, 11/02/2014, Răzvan Amariei
…alte regiuni adiacente. Conform unui studiu realizat de Paul Chesire, de la London School of Economics, şi Stefano Magrini, de la Universitatea din Veneţia, „PIB per capita este unul din indicatorii...|  

Marco Rubio takes the (political) 5th on whether he toked up
The Hill, 11/02/2014, Brent Budowsky
He holds an LL.M. degree in international financial law from the London School of Economics. Contact him at|  

Šta Hilari Klinton misli o Moniki Levinski?
Vijesti Online, 11/02/2014
…je napravila preokret u životu: preselila se u London, gdje je pohađala " London School of Economics" i ima master iz socijalne psihologije. Od 2006, kako navodi CNN, drži se daleko od očiju javnosti…

Mega-Cities Acting on Climate Change Improve their Economic Competitiveness, and Introduce More Equality
Alternative Energy, 11/02/2014
…of global-local blogs by reporter Sarah Glazer with an interview with a London School of Economics expert and reflections on a new C-40 survey of climate action by cities around the world.Four-year-old Amanat Devi Jain lives in Delhi, one of the...|-  

OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and : Economic crisis provides lessons for new approaches to forecasting, says OECD
4 Traders, 11/02/2014
…Carlo Padoan said during a launch event today in London with the London School of Economics. "We have taken steps to improve short-term forecasting models, construct better indicators of financial...|  

Video della riunione di una commissione - Commissione per lo sviluppo regionale
European Parliament, 11/02/2014
…3.0 - Iain Begg, Professorial Research Fellow at the European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science - John Bachtler, Professor of European Policy Studies; Director, European...|  

Els 'borrelines' o els 'catalinos' que van canviar l'economia espanyola
Economia Digital, 11/02/2014
…en anglès Molinas havia conegut Zabalza durant la seva estada a la London School of Economics. I els dos ja parlaven de poder crear un grup d'economistes a Espanya que apropessin l'economia...|  

Laureate trust reiterates speculative buy on bitcoin after mt gox crash, 11/02/2014
…BTC-e community to create a safe trading environment.” Garrick Hileman, from the London School of Economics, who researches alternative currencies, said it was too early to tell how serious...|  

Διάλεξη του Αλαίν ροσιάντζ για την έμβια ύλη στο MEGARON PLUS, 11/02/2014
…Ακαδημίας Επιστημών και του Κέντρου Μελέτης Βιοεπιστήμης, Βιοϊατρικής, Βιοτεχνολογίας και Κοινωνίας της London School of Economics. Ακόμη, είναι Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής του κορεατικού Ινστιτούτου...|  

What happened to Monica?
CNN, 11/02/2014
…she switched gears completely. She moved to London, where she attended the London School of Economics and graduated with a master's degree in social psychology. Her thesis was titled "In Search...|  

Liam Byrne: 'government is poisoning roots of higher education'
Higher Education Network |, 11/02/2014, Liam Byrne
…BIS in November) now draws down more funding for teaching than the London School of Economics.But worse, the write-off of student loans has now spiralled to over 40%. David Willetts, a man I like, has not ruled out the write-off reaching 50%...|  

Barrie Mayor Lehman elected to fight for large cities, 11/02/2014
…December 2010. He is a graduate of Queen's University and the London School of Economics, where he also worked as a lecturer.|  

Crise : l'OCDE bat sa coulpe
Les Echos, 11/02/2014, Richard Hiault
…ses erreurs. A Londres, à l’occasion d’un déjeuner avec la London School of Economics ce mardi, l’Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Economique (OCDE) a battu sa coulpe en reconnaissant...|  

La OCDE aprende de los errores durante la crisis y mejora sus modelos predictivos
Diario de León, 11/02/2014
…primera crisis del petróleo de los 70. Durante la presentación en la London School of Economics, el economista jefe de la OCDE, Pier Carlo Padoan, ha destacado que se ha aprendido mucho de...|  

La OCDE admite errores de previsión durante la crisis en un informe
Infomercados, 11/02/2014
El texto se presentará en un acto público organizado conjuntamente con la London School of Economics, en colaboración con Bloomberg en Londres, e irá a cargo del economista jefe de la OCDE, Pier...
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Kalte Dusche für die Schwellenländer
Finanzen100, 11/02/2014, Holger Zschäpitz
…der University of California, Berkeley; von 1978 bis 1980 Dozentin an der London School of Economics and Political Science; von 1977 bis 1978 Ökonomin bei der Federal Reserve; von 1971 bis 1976...|  

Cyprus peace talks resume after two-year break
Deutsche Welle, 11/02/2014
…caught many by surprise," said James Ker-Lindsay, a professor at the London School of Economics and specialist on Cyprus. "In recent years, Washington has been rather quiet on Cyprus. The fact...|  

Lighting Designer Emily Dufner Joins Arup from Berlin
WTRF, 11/02/2014
…a master's degree in city design and social science from the London School of Economics . Among the many awards she's won, she was notably recognized as the 2004 'Young Lighter of the Year' from...|  
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Netzpolitik - EU-Wahl: Ab nächster Woche Prognosen im Internet, 11/02/2014
…Burson-Marsteller.Wissenschaftlich betreut wird das Projekt von Professor Simon Hix von der London School of Economics, der bereits bei früheren EU-Wahlen Prognosen erstellte. Am Wahlabend...|  

José Ignacio Wert: "No puedo estar en dos sitios a la vez"
El País, 11/02/2014, Walter Oppenheimer
…ministro de Negocios, Wert mantuvo un encuentro con el director de la London School of Economics y está previsto que se reúna también con los responsables de la Universidad de Cambridge. El ministro...|  

Italy News, 11/02/2014
…organizzato da ABC Economics – Abbiamo Bisogno di Crescita presso la prestigiosissima London School of Economics and Political Science dal titolo: “OLTRE L’EURO PER UNA NUOVA ITALIA”. Andrea...|  

Support for UKIP slips ahead of European vote - poll
Big News Network, 11/02/2014
…Matter" at the London School of Economics (LSE) in London…|  

Can Cities Drive Growth and Climate Security?
Revolve Magazine, 11/02/2014
…NCE wants to hear from city leaders and decision makers by 4 April 2014 to gather valuable input on the economic advantages, risks and barriers to taking climate action. The New Climate Economy (NCE) is a project to gather evidence on the link...|  

'Gewonnen geld maakt rechtser'
SpitsNieuws, 11/02/2014
…in de hoofden van de mensen," aldus Nick Powdthavee van de London School of Economics. "Het ziet ernaar uit dat geld een rechts-conservatief gedachtegoed bevordert." Bij mannen is dit effect...

Zavedení kvót pro cizince může vážně ohrozit švýcarskou ekonomiku. Bojí se hlavně banky, 11/02/2014
…to není dobrá zpráva," cituje televize CNBC Dominika Hangartnera, profesora britské London School of Economics.Švýcaři zmrazili u Credit Suisse minimálně 100 milionů korun za zakázky Lesů ČR - čtěte ZDEŠvýcarsko už podobné kvóty kdysi zavedlo. Platily...|  

Sberbank hires banker from UBS to run HNWI group, 11/02/2014
Aleynikova holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. She possesses US financial industry licences 7, 66 and 3 and a Swiss qualification...|  

What’s in a slap? – Ice Cream Seller
Malaysian Insider, 11/02/2014
…that Ghazali went to the university in Wales and later to the London School of Economics. He achieved these without the crutches and quotas of the NEP. Had it not been for shenanigans of a few...|  

H όπη Τσαπανίδου πριν το κόκκινο χαλί στο Βερολίνο μιλούσε για την κόρη της…
New Post, 11/02/2014
…Η Πόπη Τσαπανίδου τέλειωσε την εκπομπή της το μεσημέρι της Δευτέρας, φόρεσε το τζιν της, πέρασε από το μέικ απ του Σταρ, ρώτησε πως απλώνεται μια πούδρα, γιατί δεν βάφεται...|  

Quem te viu, quem te vê: estudo revela tendência ao conservadorismo do novo rico
Extra Online, 11/02/2014
E concluem: o dinheiro, sim, muda as pessoas. Nattavudh Powdthavee, da London School of Economics, e Andrew J. Oswald, do Departamento de Economia da Universidade de Warwick, no Reino...|  

Quem te viu, quem te vê: estudo revela tendência ao conservadorismo do novo rico
O Globo Online, 11/02/2014, Paulo Thiago de Mello
Atheist Poster 'Banned' By University For Being Offensive
Huffington Post UK, 11/02/2014, Jessica Elgot
…inclusive and supportive environment for all of our students. In December, the London School of Economics apologised to two atheist students for threatening to The incident, which took place...

Bitcoin dogged by tech troubles
BBC (Web), 10/02/2014, Unattributed
Garrick Hileman, from the London School of Economics, who researches alternative currencies, said it was too early to tell how serious this was for Bitcoin users. "It's a reason to be concerned, but it's a little early to say that there's something fundamentally flawed with Bitcoin software. Previous problems have been corrected," he said.|  

Bitcoin drops another 20% as Mt Gox highlights bug
CNBC, 10/02/2014, Matt Clinch
Garrick Hileman, an economic historian at the London School of Economics told CNBC that this error with bitcoin's protocol - called "transaction malleability" - isn't a new problem and believes that Mt Gox may be using it as a delaying tactic because of an internal technology complication, a regulatory issue, or even a solvency problem.|  

Chute du Bitcoin après un bug informatique, 10/02/2014, Laurent Lambrecht
Selon Garrick Hileman, économiste à la London School of Economics, le cours du Bitcoin s’est redressé car les informations quant au bug informatique ne seraient pas neuves. Selon Gavin Andresen, un responsable de la fondation Bitcoin, le problème concerne avant tout la plateforme MT.Gox.|  

LSE on TV/radio

BBC Radio 4, 12/02/2014
Professor Tony Travers discusses the role of local authorities in the UK flooding crisis.

Live House of Commons
BBC Parliament, 11/02/2014
LSE studies mentioned in discussion of NHS reforms.

BBC Radio 4, 11/02/2014
Dr Heather Jones discusses origins of WW1.

BBC World Service Radio, 11/02/2014
LSE mentioned in a list of institutions for students preparing themselves to enter the world of business.