Tuesday 04 February 2014

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Buildings: London School of Economics
Magazine of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Feb 2014 issue
This is such a pleasure, and a bit of a guilty one at that. If Soho’s Photographer’s Gallery was its understated, low-budget introduction to London in 2012, then O’Donnell + Tuomey’s new Student Centre at the London School of Economics is the exact opposite: a £24m statement of what might be called Total Architecture.

i (The paper for today), 04/02/2014, p.3, Katie Grant
Washington-based bank's bond-buying stimulus programme without damaging the fragile economy of the United States. Yikes. She must be incredibly smart. Yellen, 67, has taught at Harvard Law School and the London School of Economics. Her big break came in 1994 when she was appointed a member of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve. Then, in 1997 she was

Poll wipeout for Lib Dems in Scotland
Daily Mail (Scotland)*, 03/02/2014, p.12, Alan Roden
Sir Malcolm Bruce and Sir Menzies Campbell stand down in 2015. The research was carried out by Lewis Baston, a senior fellow at the Democratic Audit organisation, based at the London School of Economics. In an article for the New Labour pressure group Progress, he wrote: 'There has been barely any change in the main parties' ratings since the middle

Not so great train robbery leaves Davies unscathed
The Daily Telegraph, 04/02/2014, p.5, Anna White
sitting in cattle class, the villain-turned victim didn't know with whom he was dealing. After all, Sir Howard has been in the odd scrap. His resignation as the director of the London School of Economics after the university accepted £300,000 for research funding from Colonel Gaddafi's son springs to mind.

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Number of students going to Oxford or Cambridge is no measure of a school's success, says top head
The Independent (Web), 03/02/2014, Unattributed
parents considering sending their children to the school. "Some of our brightest students choose to go elsewhere," he added. "If you're an economist, it makes sense to study at the London School of Economics." A trainee vet might choose Edinburgh University, he suggested. "In my time at Solihull, some of our most able pupils have chosen to study medicine at

Heading for a Vertical Rush
The Independent (Web), 03/02/2014, Unattributed
A new study by the London School of Economics due out later this month is expected to show that house price values near large wind farms have dropped by around 11 per cent over the

Private equity suitor says: It’s not me, it’s you
Yahoo! UK and Ireland, 04/02/2014
been in the odd scrap. His resignation as the director of the London School of Economics after the university accepted £300,000 for research funding from Colonel Gaddafi’s son springs to mind...

My vote against tyranny and for a new Thailand
Bangkok Post, 03/02/2014
never, give up!"Songkran Grachangnetara is an entrepreneur. He graduated from The London School of Economics and Columbia University. He can be reached at Twitter: @SongkranTalk

Yellen has long history of breaking barriers
Washington Post, 03/02/104, Ylan Q. Mui
a pit stop on his way to a professorship at the prestigious London School of Economics. The couple married quickly, and Yellen followed him in 1978 to England, assigned to the more junior role...

Greek Deposits of 60 Billion in Switzerland
Yahoo! Message Boards, 03/02/2014
banks are amounting to 60 billion euros. The French professor of the London School of Economics and researcher at the University of California, Berkeley published his book “The missing Wealth of Nations” that refers to the transport of capital in...

WMN Letters: Wind farm study confirms the obvious
Western Morning News, 03/02/2014
Comments (0) A recent study by the London School of Economics (to be published during February this year), which looked at 150 wind farms across England and Wales over a period of 12 years...

RE: LONDON | Projects & Construction
Skyscraper City, 03/02/2014
said Tony Travers, an expert on issues facing the capital at the London School of Economics. "Property in London was treated as an asset class that was safer than say, banks in Cyprus." From 2007, just before the crisis, to October 2013...

Why do we insist on building on flood plains?
UK Nigeria Online, 03/02/2014
be zero," said Bob Ward, the director of policy at the London School of Economics' Grantham Institute. "This is exactly the kind of decision-making that has made flooding more of a problem than...

Biography of President Michael Chilufya Sata
LusakaTimes.com, 03/02/2014
is also information that the purpose of his trip was to attend London School of Economics and Political Science. “Africa Year Book,” shows that Sata was at the said school between 1970 and 1973. Sata’s allies have intimated that it was then...

Tiger trader offers Wall Street insights
CHINAdaily, 03/02/2014
publication of a Chinese edition.She will also be speaking at the London School of Economics and at Oxford and Cambridge universities immediately after the Chinese New Year holiday.Over tea...

Review: the St Andrews Foreign Affairs Conference: ‘War on Terror: What Now?’
The Saint, 03/02/2014
driven home most by Christopher Coker, professor of international relations at the London School of Economics. Echoing Clausewitz, Coker insisted that for all the talk of novelty and hermeneutical rupture, the battlefields of today admit an ‘unchanging...

Gääähn! So bekämpft man den Montagsblues
Express.de, 03/02/2014
Wochenbeginn wird weniger geleistet als dienstags oder mittwochs, fanden etwa Forscher der London School of Economics heraus. An keinem anderen Tag ist die Verletzungsgefahr im Job größer. Selbst...

Reino Unido reforzará inversiones y cooperación integral con Colombia 
El EconomistaAmerica, 03/02/2014
presencia de presidentes y representantes de compañías británicas como Shell, British Petroleum, London School Of Economics, Association Of Colleges , entre otras, agregó la embajada.

Mercado mantém previsão de juros em 11% para 2014
Jornal de Londrina, 03/02/2014
juros devido ao aumento nas taxas dos países desenvolvidos. Em palestra na London School of Economics, na Inglaterra, afirmou que a alta dos juros nos países desenvolvidos é um "aspirador de...

Barings holt Véronique Fournier als Head of Switzerland and Global Head of Private Banking an Bord
Yahoo! German, 03/02/2014
heute Aviva Global Investors). Sie absolvierte einen BSc in Wirtschaft an der London School of Economics und einen MA in internationaler Wirtschaft an der University of Essex. Angus Woolhouse...

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BBC Radio 4, 03/02/2014
David Graeber discusses politics and democracy

BBC 1 London, 03/02/2014
LSE mentioned in quiz show

BBC World Service, 03/02/2014
Fawaz Gerges discusses Al Qaeda and Syria