Friday 6 September 2013

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Clever cities: The multiplexed metropolis
The Economist, 07/09/2013, Unattributed
Academics like Ricky Burdett of the London School of Economics (LSE) see integrated systems for collecting, processing and acting on data as offering a “second electrification” to the world’s metropolises.|

Letters: Blaming immigration
The Daily Telegraph, 06/09/2013, p.23, Unattributed
He talks of "Britain's dismal long-term productivity performance". But, as the LSE Growth Commission observed, Britain's long-term productivity performance has improved substantially over the past 30 years. "By the eve of the crisis in 2007," they note, “UK GDP per capita had overtaken both France and Germany and reduced significantly the gap with the US.”

Inaction on Syria Strengthens Al Qaeda's Hand
The Wall Street Journal (Europe), 06/09/2013, p.13, Hannah Stuart
Another veteran of the Bosnian "holy war" is Omar Sheikh, the British-born former London School of Economics student and convicted murderer of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Abdulla Ahmed Ali, the British-born ringleader of a 2006 plot to blow up multiple trans-Atlantic aircraft, claimed that he had been deeply affected by images of Muslim suffering in Bosnia. He was 12 years old when the war broke out in 1992.|

Ease pain of soaring uni fees with Bank of Mum & Dad
Investors Chronicle, 06/09/2013, p.40, Katie Morley
17-year-old A-level student, Beatrice Locke, is hoping to get a place at the London School of Economics next year, one of the most expensive universities in the UK. But because she has already sat down with her parents to talk about how they can help her, she knows where she stands and is planning to get a part time job alongside her studies to help fund her tuition fees.|

Iran’s new government: A very different flavour
The Economist, 07/09/2013, Unattributed
The new finance minister, Ali Tayyebnia, who did a stint at the London School of Economics, has signalled that he wants to revamp Iran’s VAT and income-tax systems in order to reduce the country’s reliance on oil exports, which have slumped by more than half since Western sanctions were imposed at the end of 2011.|

Free exchange: One of the giants
The Economist, 07/09/2013, Unattributed
Born in the London suburb of Willesden in 1910 to working-class parents, Mr Coase had an academic temperament and an interest in science but lacked a taste for mathematics, a flaw that might have kept him out of economics in later decades. He studied “commerce” at the London School of Economics (LSE), a course tailored to those destined for middle management (“a choice of occupation for which I was singularly ill-suited”).|

The economics of companies: The man who showed why firms exist
The Economist, 07/09/2013, Unattributed
Not bad for a London boy whose parents both left school at 12 and who was consigned to a special-needs school because he wore leg braces (it was only the timely intervention of a phrenologist who detected “considerable mental vigour” in the bumps on his head that redirected him to grammar school and thence to the London School of Economics).|

Professor Ronald Coase Economist who won the Nobel Prize
The Independent, 06/09/2013, p.58, Emily Langer
Coase began his research for "The Nature of the Firm" as a student at the London School of Economics, who gave him a scholarship to travel to the US to study American industries. He wanted to know why certain industries, such as the car industry, feature only a few major corporate players while others have numerous small-scale firms. His answer lay in "transaction costs", including the time and expense of hiring personnel, acquiring raw materials and marketing.

Professor Ronald Coase
The Daily Telegraph, 06/09/2013, p.31, Unattributed
He won a scholarship to Kilburn Grammar School, then studied under the University of London external programme. His ambition to go on to read History at university was thwarted by the fact that he had not studied Latin, and he dropped his second choice, Chemistry, because he found the mathematics involved not to his taste. Instead he went on to the London School of Economics to study Commerce.|

We should honour the unknown UK economist who quietly changed the world
City AM, 06/09/2013, p.20, Marc Sidwell
Coase was a polymath and an outsider, rising from humble origins in Willesden. His degree at the London School of Economics was in commerce and, despite being one of the leading economists of the century, he spent most of his academic life on the faculty of the University of Chicago law department.

LSE online

Whitehall welcomes Sue Owen as DCMS permanent secretary (Web), 05/09/2013, Jane Dudman
Before joining the DWP, Owen was a director general for three years at the Department for International Development, and has previously held posts at the Treasury and the No 10 policy unit. She was formerly an academic at the University of Cardiff and the London School of Economics, where she carried out research into women in the labour market.|

McLean High 1979 Graduate Wins Best Book Award
Arlington Connection - Sep 6 at 6:09 BST
opus by Patrick O'Brien, professor of Global Economic History at the London School of Economics. The book is being translated into Italian, Turkish and Chinese. The first printing has been sold|

Big data project aims to solve digital exclusion in the UK
Computerworld Malaysia - Matthew Finnegan - Sep 6 at 3:42 BST
order to gain greater insight into the causes of digital exclusion, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has joined with Ofcom and not-for-profit group the Tinder Foundation...|

Middle East Expert Says Don't Rush To War With Syria
WNYC - Sep 5 at 21:53 BST
military action in Syria. Gerges, a professor of international relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science, says Assad’s use of force and likely use of chemical weapons...

Ronald H. Coase, retired U. of C. professor won Nobel Prize, 1910-2013
Chicago Tribune - Bob Goldsborough - Sep 5 at 16:34 BST
Latin, a prerequisite for a history program. So Mr. Coase attended the London School of Economics, where he studied commerce and received a degree in 1932.Mr. Coase spent his final year in...,0,234564.story?track=rss|

Growing polarization ahead of Bangladeshi elections
Deutsche Welle - Deutsche Welle - Sep 5 at 16:06 BST
" said David Lewis, an expert on South Asia affairs at the London School of Economics. The ICT has so far handed down six sentences on prominent leaders of the Islamist Jamaat-e-Islami party...

Harrogate’s InTechnology approved for education purchasing framework
B Daily - Sep 5 at 13:00 BST
services to the education and research sector, to the likes of the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford, potential customers are assured of the best possible levels of service...|

LSE purchases new centre for global social site
Property Magazine International - Sep 5 at 12:01 BST
BNP Paribas Real Estate, on behalf of the London School of Economics (LSE), has purchased Cancer Research UK’s London Research Institute for c.£75m. This site...|

LSE buys new global social sciences centre site for £75mLSE - Mixed-Use Sale - London
Property Mall - Sep 5 at 11:20 BST
LSE buys new global social sciences centre site for £75m The London School of Economics (LSE) has purchased Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute for around...

French Government Pushes for Syria Response
Turkish Weekly - Sep 5 at 10:15 BST
Syrian conflict, said David Cadier of the IDEAS analysis group at the London School of Economics and Political Science. "Syria is not just any country for France. This is in its so-called historical...|

Politics and humor: The satirical verses
Chicago Tribune - Sep 5 at 7:55 BST
used to shock people, says Charlie Beckett, a media professor at the London School of Economics. But they have lost impact, no matter how vicious or personal. "Everyone is rude on the internet,0,7651070.story|

The changing mood on migration
Malta Independent Daily - Peter Sutherland - Sep 5 at 7:46 BST
equitably and with dignity will embrace it. Peter Sutherland, Chairman of the London School of Economics, non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, and Special Representative of...|

El premio Nobel de Economía más longevo (translate) - Sep 5 at 7:15 BST
según la Universidad de Chicago.Estudió y enseñó inicialmente en la renombrada London School of Economics, en el Reino Unido. Emigró luego a Estados Unidos, donde se desempeñó desde 1951 como...

Santos nombra un gabinete regional para construir la paz (translate)
El Heraldo Colombia - Sep 6 at 6:34 BST
Universidad del Norte e hizo una maestría en Dirección de Desarrollo del London School of Economics. Se ha desempeñado como investigadora en Fundesarrollo. También fue directora Ejecutiva de

Un relevo ministerial para la paz y las regiones (translate)
de Turismo. Es economista con una maestría en Dirección de Desarrollo del London School of Economics. Orozco fue directora ejecutiva de la Asociación Portuaria de Barranquilla y directora ejecutiva...

Gabinete de Santos, con cinco ministros nuevos (translate)
La Patria Colombia - Sep 6 at 6:04 BST
Universidad del Norte e hizo una maestría en Dirección de Desarrollo del London School of Economics. Se desempeñó durante 10 años como Directora Ejecutiva de Probarranquilla, fungió como Viceminist...|

Hoy es el mejor día para tener sexo (translate) - Sep 5 at 21:06 BST
Según un reciente estudio de la London School of Economics and Political Science (Reino Unido) el jueves es el mejor día para tener relaciones sexuales. Se debe...|

Bob Hancké: No hay cambios estructurales subyacentes a las recientes mejoras (translate)
Estrategia - Sep 5 at 20:25 BST
la adopción generalizada de la austeridad', expresó a ESTRATEGIA el economista de London School of Economics. Van Rompuy dijo que la "crisis existencial de la zona del euro ha terminado ¿qué...|

Fra klovn til maktfaktor (translate) - Aftenposten - Sep 5 at 17:49 BST
partiet 3. september for 20 år siden. UKIP ble stiftet på prestisjeuniversitetet London School of Economics, midt i London sentrum.- Vi var en liten gjeng relativt intellektuelt respektable folk, som var mot Maastricht-traktaten. Vi hadde ingen...|

'Genoeg institutionele hervormingen' (translate)
Tijd Net - Koen Dedobbeleer - Sep 5 at 13:04 BST
voor elkaar.' Paul De Grauwe (foto Dries Luyten) De professor aan de London School of Economics ( LSE) ziet geen heil in nieuwe institutionele hervormingen. 'Institutionele hervormingen werden...

Türkische Unternehmerinnen: Die eigene Firma statt Erdoğans Drei-Kind-Politik (translate)
Die Zeit - ZEIT ONLINE : Karriere - Ingrid Weidner - Sep 5 at 10:07 BST
und haben im Ausland studiert. Die Microsoft-Managerin Pulatkonak beispielsweise studierte an der London School of Economics (LSE), arbeitete viele Jahre in New York und lebt heute wieder in...|

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BBC News
BBC News 24, 06/09/2013
Professor Fawaz Gerges was interviewed about the G20 summit and the Syrian crisis.