Tuesday 31 January 2012

LSE in print

Brouhaha Over Bonus Stirs Waters at RBS
The Wall Street Journal (Europe), 31/01/2012, p.24, Sara SchaefermuÑoz
Stephen Hester's decision to waive his bonus comes at the start of what could be another fractious bonus season in the UK. Tom Kirchmaier, a fellow in the Financial Markets Group at the LSE, comments.

Stella Cunliffe
The Times, 31/01/2012, p.47, Unattributed
Obituary of Stella Cunliffe, statistician and former Director of Statistics at the Home Office, who was awarded a BSc in Economics at the LSE after a three year course specialising in statistics.

Gates and the drug giants vow to share knowledge to take on forgotten diseases
The Guardian, 31/01/2012, p.3, Sarah Boseley
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has brought together the heads of 13 of the world's largest drug companies and elicited pledges to donate more medicines and work together on developing new ones dedicated to the elimination of some of the most deadly tropical diseases. A note of caution was sounded by Dr Tim Allen from the LSE and Dr Melissa Parker of Brunel University, who wrote about some of the problems attached to mass drug handouts in a letter to The Lancet. http://www.guardian.co.uk/global-development/2012/jan/30/drug-companies-join-tropical-diseases|

Ill-gotten gains?
The Guardian, 31/01/2012, p.32, Rachel Williams
Jason Warr, worker for rehabilitation charity User Voice, describes what he views as the problems with prison education. After leaving school with a few low-grade GCSEs, Jason studied for an Open University philosophy course while in prison and did sufficiently well to be granted an unconditional offer for a degree place at the LSE. http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2012/jan/30/prison-education-failures|

Mystery of Cambridge's £3.7m Chinese benefactors
The Daily Telegraph, 31/01/2012, p.16, Alex Spillius
The report ensuing after an investigation into a donation of GBP 1.5m from the Gaddafi regime to the LSE, concluded that universities must ensure that their core values were enshrined in their fundraising activity. Now, Cambridge University is being pressured to reveal the identity of the Chinese Ching Hua Foundation, which is donating GBP3.7m for a new professorship. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/universityeducation/9050447/Mystery-of-Cambridge-Universitys-3.7-million-Chinese-benefactors.html|

Initiative tackles 'neglected' diseases
Financial Times, 31/01/2012, p.9, Andrew Jack
In a letter in the Lancet, Professor Tim Allen from the LSE comments on mass drug administration programmes.

LSE online

Showing up security
Information Age - Jan 31 at 6:00 GMT cost of cyber crime to the UK economy is £27 billion annually. The report was roundly rejected by London School of Economics information security professor Peter Sommer, who said that the research methodology...

More students receive financial aid, but rising tuition increases the need
HeraldNet - Jan 31 at 5:59 GMT to save more dollars. Lewis expects to graduate this spring and head directly to graduate school at the London School of Economics next fall. "A lot of them have to drop out of school and seek other opportunities... http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20120130/NEWS03/701309829#More-students-receive-financial-aid-but-rising-tuition-increases-the-need|

Invest in innovations for poorest or let millions starve: Bill Gates
Individual.com - Jan 31 at 4:13 GMT own letters.He went on to discuss its content with a gathering of international development students at the London School of Economics, hosted by the Global Poverty Project at the launch of their new UK global http://www.individual.com/storyrss.php?story=151007653&hash=693360290d6772ac512a11081e4ec3e0|

Rustbelt Radio for January 30, 2012
Rustbelt Radio - Jan 31 at 4:08 GMT well-being.” On January 11th, NEF hosted an expert panel discussion on the 20 hour work week at the London School of Economics. Today we’ll examine this idea of a much shorter work week; we’ll delve into the... http://pittsburgh.indymedia.org/news/2012/01/50226.php|

Corkwoman helped Jewish brothers and many others avoid Auschwitz
Irish Times - RITE AND REASON - Jan 31 at 3:48 GMT with first-class honours in modern literature (Spanish and French) and won the gold medal. She then attended the London School of Economics. In 1935 she gained a certificate there in international studies... http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/opinion/2012/0131/1224311002464.html|

资本主义转至东方 (translate)
DWNews - Jan 31 at 3:43 GMT � 年前,即便不是全� 可能,我们也很难想象,欧洲领导人会向中国政府托钵化缘,请求提供资金纾困。同� �,很少有人能够预见到,访问华盛顿的中国领导人会公开指责美国政策制定者对这个全球最大经济体的管理不当。但世界已经发生了变化。2008年美国和欧洲金融体系的崩溃,以及去年的欧洲主权债务危机,� 速了经济动能向亚洲的转移。 在2012年的大部分时间里,美国和欧洲恐怕还将继续与衰退共舞。许多经济学家称,除非中国经济出现硬着陆,否则亚洲除日本以外的国家,将继续实现7%左右的快速增长。 命运的戏剧性转折,使一些亚洲人产生了某种必胜的信念。不存在什么资本主义危机,伦敦政治经济学院( London... http://opinion.dwnews.com/news/2012-01-29/58551402.html|

January 30, 2012
theceodaily.com - admin - Jan 31 at 3:26 GMT Estates executive goes Undercover Boss – CBS
Research : The costs and benefits of long-term CEO contracts – London School of Economics & Political Science
How to Change and Stay the Same: As Starbucks... http://theceodaily.com/2012/01/30/january-30-2012.html|

Barclays’s Diamond, HSBC’s Gulliver May Avoid Hester Zero Bonus (translate)
La Repubblica - Jan 31 at 0:37 GMT This will stop at the government controlled banks,” said Tom Kirchmaier, a fellow in financial-markets group at the London School of Economics. “However, the political mobbing of Hester over the last few days... http://bloomberg.finanza.repubblica.it/Notizie/Article?documentKey=1376-LYMHID0UQVI901-3GU206QJ50OH2VK2DHQPI0VT0D|

German Professor To Spiegel: “If Greek Mood Turns, Issue of Old WWII Reparations Could be Raised”
Greece.GreekReporter.com Latest News from Greece - Stella Tsolakidou - Jan 30 at 22:30 GMT German Professor of Economic History at the London School of Economics Albrecht Ritschl gave an interview to German Spiegel explaining why the Greek debt is not the biggest financial tragedy experienced in... http://greece.greekreporter.com/2012/01/30/german-professor-to-spiegel-if-greek-mood-turns-issue-of-old-wwii-reparations-could-be-raised/|

More need for student financial aid in WA
KREM.com - Jan 30 at 22:20 GMT to save more dollars. Lewis expects to graduate this spring and head directly to graduate school at the London School of Economics next fall. "A lot of them have to drop out of school and seek other opportunities... http://www.krem.com/news/local/More-need-for-student-financial-aid-in-WA-138353234.html|

In Wash., more financial aid, but also more need
The Olympian - Jan 30 at 20:59 GMT to save more dollars. Lewis expects to graduate this spring and head directly to graduate school at the London School of Economics next fall. "A lot of them have to drop out of school and seek other opportunities... http://www.theolympian.com/2012/01/30/1970242/in-wash-more-financial-aid-

Congressional Stock Pickers: As Good as Warren Buffett?
Motley Fool - Rich Smith, The Motley Fool - Jan 30 at 20:33 GMT rolled off the presses than up in Massachusetts, a pair of professors from M.I.T. and the London School of Economics that cast doubt upon Ziobrowski's assertions. Challenging Ziobrowski's findings, professors... http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2012/01/30/congressional-stock-pickers-as-good-as-warren-buff.aspx|

Why The Core Is Also To Blame For The Euro Crisis
Business Insider - Simone Foxman - Jan 30 at 19:52 GMT followed, it arguably could have kept Greece, Portugal, and Ireland from amassing such large public debts Economist and London School of Economics Professor Stefan Collignon argued in January 2004 that...

Karl Rotstan: Politically Incorrect Roundup, January 2012
Huffington Post - Karl Rotstan - Jan 30 at 19:16 GMT might give offense. Yet America was not alone in this behavior. In the UK, students at the elite London School of Economics took a cue from Prince Harry and had a proper Nazi themed drinking game and party...

La crisis acumula los seis trimestres con más pérdida de empleo de toda la democracia (translate)
Opinión de Zamora - La Opinión de Zamora - Jan 30 at 17:31 GMT en destrucción de empleo. El dato lo reveló ayer Luis Garicano, catedrático de Estrategia y Economía en la London School of Economics en el blog «Nada es gratis», de FEDEA. Y no sólo eso. Añade que España...

Estudio: El cuarto día de la semana es el ideal para tener sexo con tu pareja (translate)
Informe21.com - Editor EA - Jan 30 at 17:23 GMT semana es mejor para tener relaciones sexuales. Qué día podemos tener un mejor rendimiento. Tomen nota. Según la London School of Economics and Political Science del Reino Unidos el mejor día para tener sexo...

Io odio il Lunedì… anzi no il Martedì! (translate)
Corriere del Sannio.it | Quotidiano online di Benevento, Sannio e dintorni News Cronaca Sport Cultur - redazione - Jan 30 at 17:10 GMT Se anche voi condividete questo pensiero, probabilmente dovrete ricredervi.
Una ricerca pubblicata dalla rivista Focus e condotta dalla London School of Economics ha affermato che il giorno peggiore della... http://www.corrieredelsannio.it/2012/01/30/il-giorno-peggiore-della-settimana-e-il-martedi/|

Study: Cloud computing helps create jobs
SmartBrief - Jan 30 at 17:06 GMT A cloud-computing study from the London School of Economics and Political Science says the technology helps boost productivity, ignite job creation and foster economic growth in the U.S., U.K., Italy and Germany http://www.smartbrief.com/news/comptia/storyDetails.jsp?issueid=7B33396B-0DC9-4879-8AA4-6BD6835B71E4©id=49770D84-3E3F-4ACC-91AE-5020712004E4&brief=comptia&sb_code=rss&&campaign=rss

Continue to invest in energy efficiency, warns Sabien
heatingandventilating.net - All the Latest News - Jan 30 at 16:06 GMT cost/fast payback measures that are available using proven retrofit technologies.
The warning coincides with a report by the London School of Economics (LSE) predicting that energy costs will rise over the... http://www.heatingandventilating.net/news/news.asp?id=9410&title=Continue+to+invest+in+energy+efficiency%2C+warns+Sabien|

Las nuevas tendencias de la formación (translate)
Diario Expansión - Jan 30 at 13:33 GMT que se realiza en España, Reino Unido y Estados Unidos, junto a las reputadas The Wharton School y London School of Economics. En cuanto a la formación sobre temas digitales, de márketing y comunicación, la...

La tecnologia CLOUD è un primo passo per uscire dalla crisi economica (translate)
CloudTalk.it - Lorenzo Monni - Jan 30 at 13:01 GMT Uno studio effettuato dalla London School of Economics, visto l’impatto economico del cloud computing nei settori aerospaziale e smartphone del Regno Unito, USA, Germania e Italia dal 2010-2014, ha rilevato...

Cloud computing fuelling global economic growth
Data Centres Broad Group - Jan 30 at 11:43 GMT and shift the type of jobs and skills required by businesses, according to a new study by the London School of Economics and Political Science. The LSE study...

Will the 2012 Olympic Games Regenerate East London?
Construction Events, Expos, Exhibitions, Fairs, Trade Shows, News & Conference | ConstructionShows. - George - Jan 30 at 11:31 GMT Ricky Burdett, the principal design adviser to the London Olympic Delivery Authority and professor of urban studies at London School of Economics, passionately defends the decision to spend the money. “Is...

Week In Geek: 30 January-5 February 2012
Londonist - M - Jan 30 at 11:20 GMT Art By Animals: At the Grant Museum from Wednesday. London events for people with curious minds. Tuesday 31 January HISTORY OF SCIENCE : Learn more about bacteria-botherer Sir Alexander Fleming and his connections with Imperial College, at said... http://londonist.com/2012/01/week-in-geek-30-january-5-february-2012.php#0_undefined,0|_

Frankfurter Allgemeine: Евгения Тимошенко - больше, чем дочь (translate)
Obozrevatel.com - Jan 30 at 11:14 GMT бизнесе - дочь была отправлена без особой помпы в эксклюзивный интернат в Англии, а затем поступила в элитную London School of Economics". Тогда Евгения Тимошенко была особенно далека от той политической арены...

Eduardo Lora: “Una buena macro no basta para desarrollar los sectores industriales” (translate)
Buenos Aires Economico - Darío Gannio - Jan 30 at 10:59 GMT Investigación del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID). El economista colombiano obtuvo una maestría en economía de la prestigiosa London School of Economics. Fue miembro asociado del Saint Anthony’s College... http://www.diariobae.com/diario/2012/01/30/7482-eduardo-lora-una-buena-macro-

Wat verandert er op 1 februari? (translate)
Knack - Jan 30 at 10:44 GMT maar vooral rond media. De Vlaamse econoom Paul De Grauwe ruilt de KU Leuven in voor de befaamde London School of Economics (LSE). Op 1 februari begint De Grauwe bij de LSE. De Grauwe moest verplicht afzwaaien... http://www.knack.be/nieuws/belgie/wat-verandert-er-op-1-februari/article-4000036789860.htm|

Евгения Тимошенко: политик поневоле (translate)
InoPressa - Jan 30 at 10:30 GMT бизнесе - дочь была отправлена без особой помпы в эксклюзивный интернат в Англии, а затем поступила в элитную London School of Economics". Тогда Евгения Тимошенко была особенно далека от той политической арены... http://www.inopressa.ru/article/30Jan2012/faz/evgtimoshenko.html|

Parliament: heal thy self
iPolitics - Graham Fox - Jan 30 at 10:26 GMT undergraduate degree in history from Queen’s University and a master’s degree in political science from the London School of Economics. In June 2004, on the election of the first federal minority government... http://www.ipolitics.ca/2012/01/30/graham-fox-parliament-heal-thy-self/|

Il Parlamento italiano è il più caro d’Europa (translate)
infosannio.com - infosannio - Jan 30 at 9:07 GMT 1.868) ma a fare la differenza è il costo pro capite. Per dirla con Francesco Grillo della London School of Economics, che insieme ad Oscar Pasquali ha curato un’inchiesta per il think-tank Vision, gli altri... http://infosannio.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/il-parlamento-italiano-e-il-piu-caro-deuropa/|

资本主义已转至东方? (translate)
FT中文网_英国《金融时报》(Financial Times) - Jan 30 at 8:46 GMT 几年前,即便不是全无可能,我们也很难想象,欧洲领导人会向中国政府托钵“化缘”,请求提供资金纾困。同样,很少有人能够预见到,访问华盛顿的中国领导人会公开指责美国政策制定者对这个全球最大经济体的管理不当。但世界已经发生了变化。2008年美国和欧洲金融体系的崩溃,以及去年的欧洲主权债务危机,加速了经济动能向亚洲的转移。
在2012年的大部分时间里,美国和欧洲恐怕还将继续与衰退共舞。许多经济学家称,除非中国经济出现“硬着陆”,否则亚洲除日本以外的国家,将继续实现7%左右的快速增长。 命运的戏剧性转折,使一些亚洲人产生了某种必胜的信念。“不存在什么资本主义危机,”伦敦政治经济学院( London...

Why Capital Flows Uphill
Caijing - Keyu Jin - Jan 30 at 8:43 GMT more capital-intensive goods should not be so puzzling, after all. Keyu Jin is Lecturer in Economics at the London School of Economics.

Liberal Party celebrates Silver Jubilee
Sunday Observer - Kamal NISSANKA - Jan 30 at 8:01 GMT Party was Dr. Chanaka Ameratunga, a young intellectual who had completed his studies from the Oxford University and London School of Economics. Liberal Party constitution categorically states that the party...

Il parlamento più costoso d’Europa (translate)
karmaesanguefreddo - Gregorj - Jan 30 at 7:39 GMT 1.868) ma a fare la differenza è il costo pro capite: Per dirla con Francesco Grillo della London School of Economics, che insieme ad Oscar Pasquali ha curato un’inchiesta per il think-tank Vision, gli altri... http://www.giornalettismo.com/archives/194307/il-parlamento-piu-costoso-deuropa/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+giornalettismocom+%28Giornalettismo%29|

Wrenching The Globe Into A New Economic Orbit
Deccan Herald - Jan 30 at 7:14 GMT it is hard to do,” said John van Reenan, head of the Center for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. “In the last 15 years, it is the middle classes who have suffered.” VarriRfienan, who... http://www.deccanherald.com/content/222965/wrenching-globe-economic-orbit.html|

Il Parlamento italiano è il più caro d'Europa Lavoro, Camusso al governo: partire dai precari (translate)
La Stampa - CARLO BERTINI - Jan 30 at 7:13 GMT 1.868) ma a fare la differenza è il costo pro capite. Per dirla con Francesco Grillo della London School of Economics, che insieme ad Oscar Pasquali ha curato un’inchiesta per il think-tank Vision, gli altri... http://www3.lastampa.it/economia/sezioni/articolo/lstp/440385/|

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