11-13 September 2010

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King's takes academic crown
The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.2, Alastair McCall
King's College London has been named the University of the Year by The Sunday Times. The London School of Economics was shortlisted, and climbed four places to rank fifth on the paper's league table after improvements to its student satisfaction scores. This is partially attributed to the opening of a new eight-storey building in Lincoln's Inn fields.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.35, Unattributed
The Sunday Times profiles the London School of Economics, and comments on its international standing, the average starting salaries of its graduates, and recent expansions.

UK universities dominate world rankings
The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.4, Ian Coxon

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.56, Unattributed
The LSE ranks third on a Sunday Times table of research excellence with a mark of 73.9 per cent.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.47, Unattributed
The LSE ranks fourth on a Sunday Times table of academics' university ratings, with a score of 85.5.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.18, Unattributed
The LSE ranks ninth on a Sunday Times table of lowest dropout rates.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.36, Unattributed
The LSE ranks third on a Sunday Times table of top London universities.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.39, Unattributed
The LSE ranks second on a Sunday Times table of most overseas students.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.23, Unattributed
The LSE ranks eleventh on a Sunday Times table of the best degrees with 76.5 per cent of students gaining a first or 2:1.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.34, Unattributed
The LSE ranks fourth on a Sunday Times table of highest entry points with an average of 493 Ucas tariff points for first-year, full-time, first-degree students.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.35, Unattributed
The LSE ranks tenth on a Sunday Times table of lowest state school intake.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.10, Unattributed
The LSE ranks second on a Sunday Times table of graduate level jobs with a mark of 89.3 per cent.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.60, Unattributed
A feature on student satisfaction scores for UK universities shows the London School of Economics has an average score of 74.5 per cent.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.4, Unattributed
The LSE features on the list of top 20 British universities in world rankings.

The Sunday Times, 12/09/2010, p.37, Unattributed
The Sunday Times profiles for several top universities draw comparison with the London School of Economics.

Higher fees will hit student loans, says think-tank
Financial Times, 13/09/2010, p.3, Alex Barker , Chris Cook
The current loans system for students is being threatened by a rise in tuition fees, according to leading think-tank, the Social Market Foundation. The interest rate subsidy was already on many reformers' hit lists. A submission to Lord Browne, chair of the ongoing review of university finance, by Nicholas Barr and Alison Johnston from the London School of Economics described the subsidy as "expensive, inimical to quality, quantity and access, and regressive".

Economics focus Automatic reaction
The Economist, 11/09/2010, p.78, Unattributed
Middle-income workers have suffered as labour markets shrink due to advances in IT. A study of industry-level data from 11 countries for the years between 1980 and 2004 by Guy Michaels, Ashwini Natraj and John Van Reenen of the London School of Economics found that industries that adopted IT at faster rates also saw the fastest growth in demand for the most educated workers, and the sharpest declines in demand for people with intermediate levels of education.

Johnson tipped to win second term
Financial Times, 11/09/2010, p.2, Alex Barker ; Kiran Stacey
Tony Travers of the London School of Economics comments on Boris Johnson's announcement that he will for a second term as London mayor.

LSE online

The Milibands? success is typical of the extraordinary achievements of Jewish North Londoners
Telegraph (Web), 12/09/2010, p.0, Harry Mount
Clever boys - the Miliband brothers (Photo: Reuters) Whoever wins the Labour leadership, early polls suggest that his surname will be Miliband. David is apparently getting more first preference votes; Ed

The hockey stick graph remains an illusion
guardian.co.uk (Web), 10/09/2010, p.0, Andrew Montford
[Comment] The author of the Hockey Stick Illusion responds to an article by Bob Ward, the communications director of the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics, which is branded a "hit piece".

Has Boris got a transport deal to help his re-election?
BBC (Web), 10/09/2010, p.0, Unattributed
Tony Travers of the London School of Economics comments on Boris Johnson's announcement that he will for a second term as London mayor. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/mindthegap/2010/09/has_boris_got_a_transport_

TES centenary special
Times Education Supplement (Web), 10/09/2010, p.0, Unattributed
A feature on the centenary of the Times Education Supplement notes the moment in 1934 when Cyril Burt's interpretation of intelligence tests was refuted by research from the London School of Economics.

Norway State Secretary for Trade and Industry to address ESG Europe 2010 conference
Responsible Investor - Sep 13 2010 12:32AM GMT of Finance (Government Pension Fund – Global), APG, PGGM, Shell, Unilever, Philips, the European Commission, OECD and the London School of Economics. A special pre-conference dinner on the evening of October 12 will feature a keynote address by Roger

The cuts: Is there an alternative?
Herald Scotland - Sep 12 2010 7:26AM GMT medicine at the wrong time. Professor John Van Reenen, director of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics, has consistently questioned the coalitions determination to paint draconian cuts as unavoidable. He said: Although

Tips Gleaned From the Best Credit Repair Services
ArticleBliss.com - Sep 11 2010 12:42AM GMT consumer law and consults for several of the leading credit repair services . Ian is a graduate of the London School of Economics and The University of Chicago where he earned his LLM. Ian is currently based in California

Calls for Government to tackle social mobility
Charity Times - Sep 10 2010 2:23PM GMT Julian Le Grand, founder member of the Save Child Savings Alliance and Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics, said: “When it comes to social mobility, a lump sum asset is a lot more powerful than income in unlocking opportunities

New vision of ‘Big Society’ - City Hall vows to build up an army of community volunteers
West End Extra - Sep 10 2010 11:39AM GMT the message to the rest of the country. Speaking at a delegation of local government experts at the London School of Economics this week, councillor Barrow outlined his vision for the borough, saying “Westminster’s approach will be delivered through

My new club formula from law girl Louise
This is Kent - Sep 10 2010 7:59AM GMT University and then completed a legal practice course to become a solicitor. I studied international business law at London School of Economics. I worked at Clifford Chance in the City as a legal assistant and then moved to Nottingham for a similar

Dogged lord of climate change
New Zealand Herald (11 September 2010)
How to address someone called Baron Stern of Brentford? There are several options: Dr, because he has a D.Phil from Oxford, professor because that's what he is at the London School of Economics. Then there's the knighthood he received in June 2004, so one could try Sir Nicholas, except that he's a lord.

Late TV Listings
Boston Globe (12 September 2010)
Fareed Zakaria GPS. Topics: Did the United States overreact after 9/11?; Are we safer now?; Bush tax cuts; federal stimulus; big business vs. the White House; and President Obama, a socialist? Guests: Fawaz Gerges, professor of Middle Eastern politics and international relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science;

Garment strike: the big picture
The Phnom Penh Post (12 September 2010)
“The win-win situation is to raise both productivity and wages,” said Chikako Oka, a fellow at the London School of Economics who has studied the Cambodian garment sector. “A trickier question is which one comes first and whether one follows the other.”

Bangalorean is Libya's choice for Youth Ambassador
Times of India (11 September 2010)
Sangeeth Varghese, a London School of Economics graduate who heads LeadCap - an Bangalore-based organization which trains young leaders, was recently invited as a state guest by the Libyan government for its National Youth Day celebrations in Tripoli.

Rebecca Hoffberg, Jason Phillips
New York Times (10 September 2010)
The bride, 29, is a trial lawyer with the Justice Department in Washington, where she works on immigration law. She graduated from the University of Maryland with bachelor’s degrees in government and politics (summa cum laude) and in mathematics (magna cum laude). She also holds a master’s in human rights from the London School of Economics.

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BBC Radio 4 (10 September 2010)
Tony Travers, LSE, commented on Boris Johnson's announcement that he will stand for election for a second term as London mayor.

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