Wednesday 13 October 2010

LSE in print

Business big shot
The Times, 13/10/2010, p.41, Sam Fleming
Today's Business Big Shot is Professor Stephen Nickell, who has been nominated to join the Office for Budget Responsibility. Professor Nickel, who attended Pembroke College, Cambridge and the London School of Economics and is former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee, has been warden of Nuffield College. Oxford, since 2006.
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Outsourcers get ready to take on council services
Financial Times, 13/10/2010, p.19, Alistair Gray
Professor Dunleavy, chairman of the public policy group at the LSE is quoted in an article about outsourcing companies preparing to grab a larger slice of local authority spending.|

GBP10bn a year raid on your nest egg
Daily Mail, 13/10/2010, p.37, James Salmon
The article claims that insurance and investment companies are refusing to lower their charges and continue to hide the true cost of investing in the small print. Funds are being lobbied to reduce charges by Dr Paul Woolley of the London School of Economics, who says that the 'industry is sucking the blood out of the man in the street'.|

Audit firms face radical overhaul
The Daily Telegraph, 13/10/2010, p.5, Helia Ebrahimi
European markets chief Michel Barnier will today launch Europe's most radical overhaul of the audit industry, calling for a single pan-European regulator, an end to the dominance of the ‘Big Four’ accountancy firms. However, Professor Michael Power of the London School of Economics said that the failure of one firm would be ‘deeply destabilising’.|

Cuts force primary care trust to halt non-emergency surgery
The Guardian, 13/10/2010, p.6, Randeep Ramesh
NHS Primary Care Trusts are being forced to cut non-emergency surgery in some local hospitals. Zack Cooper, a health economist at the London School of Economics says: ‘I have never heard anything like it. What you will see is a postcode lottery where patients in Basildon cannot access, say, IVF, but in London they can. I think this is going to be a real sore for the government.’|

Whoever said global warming was dead?
The Times, 13/10/2010, p.24, Martin Rees ; Anthony Giddens
(Comment) Lord Rees, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Lord Giddens, former director of the LSE, argue that extreme weather events such as the Pakistan floods will grow increasingly frequent as a result of global warming.
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On this day
The Times, 13/10/2010, p.28, Unattributed
Sidney Webb (Baron Passfield), co-founder of the London School of Economics, dies on this day in 1947.
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GBP90,000 bill for getting a degree
Evening Standard, 12/10/2010, p.1, Anna Davis
Students could end up paying £90,000 to study in London under plans to increase tuition fees. The example is given of Mr Mr Clarke, who pays £3,290 a year to study at LSE, but said the cost of living in the capital would make it "unfeasible" to pay any more.|

How fund managers get rich -at your expense
Daily Mail, 13/10/2010, p.38, James Salmon
The Daily Mail continues its campaign highlighting the high level of fees charged by the investment management industry. The article includes the opinions of the London School of Economics' Dr Paul Woolley, who feels that excess profits from clients has bloated the industry and that 'Investors are being bled dry'.

LSE online

British Nobel Prize winner Christopher Pissarides calls for slower spending cuts
Telegraph (Web), 12/10/2010, p.0, Richard Blackden
Professor Pissarides, 62, who specialises in the theories of labour markets and policies at the London School of Economics (LSE), said the current level of unemployment is "consistent" with the scale of the recession endured in the UK, but added that it is vital to get people back to work as soon as possible.|

Lord Browne's plan will turn our great universities into schools for the rich
Telegraph (Web), 12/10/2010, p.0, Rosie MurrayWest
I woke up in a cold sweat the other night worrying about my daughters? university fees. Not so unusual, you might think, but Daisy and Clover are three and one,

Hunting growth on the frontiers as the West sinks deep into solipsism
City AM (Web), 12/10/2010, p.0, KCScontent
Plamen Monovski tells Juliet Samuel how the work-shy are ruining Britain’s competitiveness Juliet Samuel PLAMEN Monovski doesn’t immediately come across as an aggressive investor in some of the world’s least

Risky Business
Sky News (Web), 12/10/2010, p.0, Sara Mojtehedzadeh
Last summer, I taught a summer school course on politics at the London School of Economics for secondary school students preparing for university. As part of my curriculum, I invited|

The Gay Liberation Front's social revolution | Peter Tatchell (Web), 12/10/2010, p.0, Peter Tatchell
Forty years ago, the Gay Liberation Front formed to challenge society's gender system – luckily we've had some success On 13 October 1970, the Gay Liberation Front was founded in|

David Willetts congratulates winner of Nobel Prize for Economics
Government News Network (Web), 12/10/2010, p.0, Unattributed
Commenting on the news that Christopher Pissarides, a professor at the London School of Economics has won the Nobel Prize for Economics 2010, the Minister for Universities and Science David|

Britain’s Identity Crisis
Running In Heels - Oct 13 2010 6:04AM GMT the most important reason to drop the plan earlier this year was its cost. A study by the London School of Economics published in 2005 established that the cost for the plan to be implemented could oscillate between £12 and £18 billion. This seemed to|

EU markets chief Barnier plans radical overhaul of audit industry
Telegraph - Oct 13 2010 5:32AM GMT of confidence in the whole audit industry - which would jeopardise market stability. Professor Michael Power of the London School of Economics, who yesterday sat before a House of Lords' own inquiry into the role of auditors in the financial crisis, said|

Jefferies Hires Michael Herbst as Head of European Telecommunications Investment Banking
RFPConnect - Oct 13 2010 2:02AM GMT European Partnership of Business Schools (ESB) in Reutlingen, Germany and his Masters in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics.*** Source: Business Wire 0

2010 Nobel Prize in economics: Silent on the crisis
RIA Novosti – Oct 13 2010
This year's Nobel Prize laureate Christopher Pissarides from the London School of Economics and Political Science. The predictions of this year's Nobel ...|

Education activist network conference
Socialist Worker - Oct 12 2010 11:35PM GMT to education cuts. The Education Activist Network conference is on Sunday 31 October, 11am-5pm, Kings College London and London School of Economics. It’s backed by NUS and London region UCU Go to The following should be read|

UK government probe into audit begins
The Accountant - Oct 12 2010 5:03PM GMT returning to a Big Eight. A standard model required In response to a suggestion on liberalising the market, London School of Economics professor of accounting Michael Power cited a Professional Oversight Board report that found issues of audit quality|

Council tackles youth unemployment using data from IT systems - Oct 12 2010 4:46PM GMT in education, employment or training (NEET), and will be taking action based on this. Research undertaken by the London School of Economics showed that each person classed as NEET costs the taxpayer 97,000 over the course of their lifetime. The authority|

Morning Line: spending cuts could be disastrous – but there is an antidote
Citywire - Oct 12 2010 4:20PM GMT government’s drastic plan of spending cuts. After being awarded the prize yesterday, professor Christopher Pissarides of the London School of Economics – who shares the honour for his work analysing the jobs market – said that a� more gradual

Economists share Nobel prize for economics - Oct 12 2010 3:48PM GMT if they are to boost employment levels. The British scholar, Mr Christopher Pissarides, who is associated with the London School of Economics split the 950,000 prize with American Peter Diamond, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston ,|

Risky Business
Sky News - Oct 12 2010 3:02PM GMT Last summer, I taught a summer school course on politics at the London School of Economics for secondary school students preparing for university. As part of my curriculum, I invited a prospective MP to speak to them about his experiences in public life|

LSE professor Pissarides gets a Nobel
London Daily News - Oct 12 2010 11:18AM GMT News Desk - update Federation comments 2:56pm London School of Economics Professor Christopher Pissarides has been awarded a Nobel Prize in economic science for his work in the "analysis of markets with search frictions". London based Professor Pissarides|

UK Nobel laureate urges ‘gradual’ spending cuts
Belfast Telegraph - Oct 12 2010 10:25AM GMT on studying unemployment called on the Government to make more “gradual” spending cuts. Professor Christopher Pissarides |of the London School of Economics said it is crucial to avoid jobless people becoming “entrenched” in claiming benefits. He|

Are you a big screamer?
Kingdom FM - Oct 12 2010 10:22AM GMT in a bar and I have to say he wasn’t a pretty picture! A survey by the London School of Economics has revealed that Tuesday is the most miserable day of the week and we were looking for something positive to say about the day.|

The bankruptcy of New Democrat ideology
Salon – Oct 12 2010
Pissarides, a 62-year-old professor at the London School of Economics, told The Associated Press that the win was "a complete surprise. ...|

In House race, a combat veteran battles indifference about war
Washington Post – Oct 12 2010
A combat veteran with a graduate degree from the London School of Economics, Sowers gave up a successful military career to mount a long-shot bid as a ...|

Survey: The World Has a Case of the Tuesdays
TIME – Oct 12 2010
Researchers at the London School of Economics used an iPhone app to determine that people are most miserable on Tuesdays. The application, called Mappiness, ...|

Risky Business
Sky News (blog) – Oct 12 2010
Last summer, I taught a summer school course on politics at the London School of Economics for secondary school students preparing for university. ...|

Two Americans share in Nobel economics prize
The Detroit News – Oct 12 2010
... an economics professor at Northwestern University, and Christopher Pissarides, a professor at the London School of Economics, with the $1.5 million ...|

UK FSA's Turner:Stability More Important Than Financial Innovation
Wall Street Journal – Oct 12 2010
Speaking to students and academics at the London School of Economics, Financial Services Authority Chairman Adair Turner said policy makers should favor... 

Canon May Seek Deals Bigger Than Oce as It Seeks Growth Abroad, Chief Says
Bloomberg – Oct 12 2010
... companies looking for a technological edge, Mark Manger, a professor of international relations at the London School of Economics, said by phone. ...|

LSE on TV/radio

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