Thursday 11 March 2010

LSE in print

Financial Times, 11-Mar-2010, page 13
Spain has the means to avoid the fate of Greece
Luis Garicano, professor of economics and strategy at the LSE, writes on the subject of Spanish financial regulation in the wake of the crisis in Greece.|

Times Higher Education, 11-Mar-2010
My, how you've grown
The Bologna Process covers 46 countries and 30 million students, but fundamental issues remain, says Anne Corbett (visiting fellow at the European Institute of LSE).|

Financial Times, 11-Mar-2010, page 12
Japan's initiative is long overdue
Letter from Mark S. Manger, Lecturer at the LSE's International Relations Department, who points out why it is unlikely that Japan could "align" itself with China rather than the US, even if such a thing were possible. "Abandoning the US alliance would force Japan to develop its own nuclear weapons to create an effective deterrence against North Korea and China, but this would be political suicide in the only country ever to suffer a nuclear attack."

Times Higher Education, 11-Mar-2010
#loveHE: A big step into the grown-up world
FROM THE INSIDE: WHAT ACADEMICS BELIEVE A UNIVERSITY IS - The founders of the University of Sheffield and the London School of Economics had it right with the Latin strapline from Virgil: "rerum cognoscere causas", which I loosely translate as "discovering why things are the way they are".|

Times, 11-Mar-2010, page 22
In asylum policy emotion must never replace hard facts
Melanie Reid's comment on immigration policy quotes "research last year by the London School of Economics [that] estimated there are still 500,000 failed asylum seekers in the UK."|

Times Higher Education, 11-Mar-2010
Samir Okasha, professor of the philosophy of science at the University of Bristol, has been honoured by the London School of Economics for his book Evolution and the Levels of Selection (2006). The LSE's Lakatos Award recognises key contributions to the philosophy of science.|

Evening Standard, 10-Mar-2010, page 37
Merlin cashes in with a 'monopoly' on attractions
Chris Blackhurst interviews Merlin boss Nick Varney. A sidebar summary of his career recalls that he was educated at the LSE.

LSE online

Black and blue
Voice Online - Mar 11 2010 6:17AM GMT
economic privilege, ethic privilege, social privilege, or religious privilege,” said Rodney Barker, Emeritus Professor of Government at the London School of Economics and Political Science. “The activities of the BNP right-wing support of the party,|

Opinium to Run Polls for Express - March 10 2010
Daily Research News - Mar 11 2010 4:11AM GMT
online panel of over 40,000 UK adults. Opinium's team, advised by Professor Michael Bruter of the London School of Economics, will predict the likely election outcome based on findings. Opinium MD James Endersby comments: 'The election could be within|

Fathers paying for handymen to avoid
Yorkshire Post - Mar 11 2010 2:49AM GMT
which reveals a big increase in the use of male domestic labour. Research by Hull University and the London School of Economics has found the men now make up more than a third of the domestic workforce, up from less than a fifth in the 1990s. The study|

Paul Corrigan on suspending NHS incentives
Health Service Journal - Mar 11 2010 2:11AM GMT
Research from the London School of Economics published in December gave insight into how competition within the NHS is benefiting patients|

Wheelchair-Bound Canadian Beaten in Australia
AOL Canada - Mar 11 2010 1:20AM GMT
There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life,' in London. New research from the London School of Economics suggests that liberal, atheist adults who believe in monogamy have higher IQs than their conservative, religious, philandering...

British PM: Rough Economic Times Ahead
VOA News - Mar 10 2010 10:45PM GMT
in the running. That is what Mr. Brown is capitalizing on, says political analyst Patrick Dunleavy of the London School of Economics. "I think it [the speech] was designed to help along a movement in the opinion polls, which has been that people are|

White House job keeps Main Liner on her toes (5)
Main Line Life - Mar 10 2010 8:56PM GMT
she began at Shipley in seventh grade. When she graduated in 1972, Vale studied at Harvard and the London School of Economics. She graduated cum laude with a degree in government in 1976. After graduating, Vale moved back to the Main Line and worked at

Global institutional big-hitters join climate change asset allocation study
Responsible Investor - Mar 10 2010 5:23PM GMT
be led by Lord Nicholas Stern’s Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics and by Vivid Economics, a London-based consultancy that specialises in climate change and resources. Jaap Van Dam, chief|

Les écoles de commerce européennes représentent une part croissante du marché international pour les étudiants
Sys-Con Media - Mar 10 2010 3:57PM GMT
INSEAD, à la London Business School et à l'IESE Business School ; l'intégralité des programmes à la London School of Economics and Political Science ; et la maîtrise du programme de commerce international de la Maastricht University. Davantage de|

New OSCE Media Representative Faces Challenge Of Upholding Universality
Radio Free Europe - Mar 10 2010 2:29PM GMT
master's degree in European studies after stints at the universities of Sarajevo, Sussex, and Bologna, and the London School of Economics. Her thesis was on the Internet and freedom of expression. She has served as chairperson of the European Platform of

For the French, UK trumps Sorbonne
The Statesman - Mar 10 2010 1:38PM GMT
full-time for their first degrees in the UK. Romain Tasle d'Heliand, 19, studying business management at the London School of Economics, said: 'It is amazing how many French students are now in London. In France, higher education is divided between the|

Home Office Fully funded training - CDRP Academy - New Date Added - Mar 10 2010 12:59PM GMT
- 29th March 2010 Newcastle University, Castle Leazes - 31st March 2010 Llandrindod Metropole - 1st April 2010 London School of Economics - 13th April 2010|

Las facultades empresariales europeas exigen una cuota creciente de mercado mundial para estudiantes
Sys-Con Media - Mar 10 2010 11:52AM GMT
INSEAD, la London Business School y la IESE Business School; el complemento completo de los programas de la London School of Economics and Political Science; y el master en el programa empresarial internacional de la Maastricht University. Más detalles|

Institute of the future a reality
The University Of Queensland - Mar 10 2010 9:10AM GMT
Australia. He was born in Adelaide, South Australia, and was educated at the University of Adelaide and the London School of Economics, where he gained a masters degree in law. His father, Murray Hill, was a prominent Liberal member of the South|

European Business Schools Command Growing Share of Global Market for Students - Mar 10 2010 9:08AM GMT
MBA programs at INSEAD, London Business School and IESE Business School; the full complement of programs at the London School of Economics and Political Science; and the master's in More details about GMAT testing and score-sending trends among European|

Liberals, atheists have higher IQs
Health24 - Mar 10 2010 8:43AM GMT
underlying the differences can be explained by evolution, contends study author Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics and Political Science. In evolutionary terms, religion stems from humans' tendency to try to,55158.asp|

Iran's rulers mould Islamic defence into tool against political opponents
104.9 EZ Rock - Mar 10 2010 7:54AM GMT
just how polarized Iran has become," said Fawaz Gerges, a professor of Middle Eastern affairs at the London School of Economics and Political Science. "The state has reverted to using terms and actions from Islam that refer to only real moments of duress...

LSE on TV/radio

BBC News (10 March)
Howard Davies, LSE Director, was interviewed on public pay.

BBC News (10 March)
Professor Lord Desai, LSE, was interviewed on the UK economy and the budget.

BBC Radio Ulster (10 March)
Robert Kilroy Silk explains how he came to LSE because he wanted to go into politics.

Czech Public Radio (9 March)
Professor Tim Besley, LSE, was interviewed about how changes in the way economics is taught will impact on students in the future.|