Daily headlines (04-6/10/08)

LSE in print

Times, 03-Oct-2008, page 36
With Blair gone, this is the right moment to shake up our policing
Tony Travers, Director of LSE London, writes a comment piece on Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair's resignation.

Evening Standard, 02-Oct-2008, page 8, 1st
Chinese university plan for Hackney 2012 legacy
Mayor Boris Johnson is in talks with some of China's leading universities to establish a new campus in the Olympic Park. He wants the Chinese colleges to form a partnership with a leading London university such as the London School of Economics or Imperial College.

Independent, 03-Oct-2008, page 39
No one will act on climate change until America makes a move
Extract of speech at the LSE given by Connie Hedegaard, Danish Minister for Climate and Energy.

Financial Times, 03-Oct-2008, page 16
Europe's leaders must unite before crisis is beyond control
A group of leading economists, including Willem Buiter, a professor at the London School of Economics, today call on EU leaders to mount a coordinated Europe-wide rescue operation for the continent's banks to prevent a "once-in-a-lifetime" crisis spiralling out of control.
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Economists call for EU-wide banking rescue operation

San Francisco Chronicle
Lame-duck Bush now a "dead duck," and other meltdown woes

Financial Times, 03-Oct-2008, page 16
Letters - Harry Hindsight: those warnings of global financial disaster in full
Letter to the editor from Robert H Wade, Development Studies Institute, London School of Economics, on the current economic crisis.

Financial Times, 03-Oct-2008, page 4
Living on borrowed time
Dr Jon Danielsson, Reader in Accounting and Finance at LSE and an expert on financial crises, said that even if credit provision was a tiny part of the economy, its impact was disproportionate. "Water suppliers are a tiny part of the economy but if you can't get water it has a big effect," he says. 

International Herald Tribune, France
Ireland OKs world-leading bank guarantee
Sir Howard Davies, former chairman of the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom, called the Irish decision "a very bad move" in part because it encourages money to flow from British banks to Dublin. "Nobody has guaranteed wholesale deposits and bonds before. They've done it on a discriminatory basis - only for Irish institutions - and their action is seriously distorting the market or risks doing so," said Davies, who is director of the London School of Economics.

Washington Post, USA
Chief of Scotland Yard To End Turbulent Term
Tim Newburn, professor of criminology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, said Blair was a "very resilient person who clearly had managed to keep going through a whole series of difficult times -- I fully expected he would ride out whatever storms."

A mortgage from Tesco?
Raffaella Sadun, of the London School of Economics, has found that supermarket chains, denied an out-of-town site, are more likely to set up in town centres themselves, bringing the battle straight to the high street.

LSE online

Women Masters in Management
Article about Masters in management. Professor Saul Estrin, head of the Management Department at LSE, comments on women taking MSc courses.

BBC News Magazine
Why don't you call your mother?
Article includes comments from Martina Klett-Davies, a research fellow at the Family and Parenting Institute who lectures at LSE.

UK students slam honor for 'anti-Semite'
The London School of Economics' student union has criticized the university's decision to accept a donation that will require it to name a lecture hall after the late ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Zayed bin Sultan, who was allegedly an anti-Semite.

03/10/08 03:10 ((Dagsavisen))
Strammer inn etter finanskrisen
John Gray, nylig avgått professor ved London School of Economics, mener USAs rolle er i ferd med å endres, ikke bare økonomisk.

02/10/08 22:12 ((Gulf News))
Forms without function
In 2006 the Venice Biennale, the world's most important architecture festival, was curated by Ricky Burdett of the London School of Economics on the theme of cities.

02/10/08 12:42 ((Earth Times))
Economists call for European-level bail-out
The 10 signatories included DIW chief Klaus Zimmermann and economists from the Italy, the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels, the London School of Economics and Harvard University.

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02/10/08 10:22 ((Geldidee))
Ökonomen fordern europäische Regierungen zu Eingriff bei Finanzkrise auf
02/10/08 17:52 ((De Telegraaf))
Economen pleiten voor Europees ingrijpen in crisis
02/10/08 15:57 ((standaard))
Economen pleiten voor Europees ingrijpen in bankencrisis

02/10/08 09:46 ((Markedsføring))
Dansk minister i HARDtalk
Hun vil ligeledes tale på London School of Economics and Politics, som den første i rækken af årets Financial Times Future of Europe Lecture Series samt deltage i et dansk energiseminar arrangeret af Danmarks Eksportråd i samarbejde med Dansk Fjernvarmes Eksportråd.

02/10/08 07:52 ((La Calle-Online))
El Senado de Estados Unidos aprobó el plan de salvataje
El filósofo político John Gray, quien recientemente se jubiló del London School of Economics escribió en el periódico londinense The Observer: "Aquí hay un cambio geopolítico histórico en el que el equilibrio de poder en el mundo está siendo alterado irrevocablemente".

LSE on TV/radio

BBC Radio 4
Today Programme
Tony Travers, director of the Greater London Group at LSE, appeared on the programme this morning discussing the resignation of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

Dr Tim Leunig, senior lecturer in Economic History at LSE, was interviewed on Wednesday about the banking crisis.

Business International
Professor Willem Buiter, chair of European political economy at LSE, was interviewed on the credit squeeze affecting everyone.