Welcome to Chatterlog, a new 'online message board' for LSE staff to swap social and non-office based information. Want to chat about the latest films, look for a holiday villa, tell people about your band or share a joke? Now you can through the LSE's online discussion service.

Highlights will go out with the electronic staff newsletter Briefing every fortnight as an update but you can sign on anytime to this service to see what's new. To access, simply click on the above link and login using your network username and password (you don't need the domain bit but please see the PS below if you're still on ADMIN). To post a message, fill in the box at the bottom of the screen. It's as simple as that. 

Chatterlog has a series of set discussions already, but this is your space. Want to add a different topic for discussion or feel the board could be improved? Please post your suggestions on the board, or email with suggestions and improvements - your feedback is welcome.

Why not bookmark the site, for easy access? We hope this online discussion service will start more conversations but it's really up to start posting messages! 

Jessica Winterstein

For various technical reasons the service is only accessible to users on the LSE domain. If you login using the ADMIN domain then, unfortunately, you will not be able to access this discussion service directly but MIS Desktop Support are currently in the process of migrating all ADMIN users to LSE. For more information, please email BSS Desktop Support at