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LSE has introduced a new online tool for reporting harassment and bullying. This initiative, led by LSE’s EDI Taskforce, supports LSE’s values for an inclusive working and social environment in which all people are treated with dignity and respect. It is all of our responsibility to uphold these values and it’s vital we encourage, support and behave appropriately to one another.

You don’t need to put up with harassment and bullying. If you have experienced it or witnessed it, you can report it here.

What's new

Events in Turkey

Turkey is reported to have temporarily banned all academics from travelling abroad.

This travel ban is likely to affect all visiting academics who are currently at LSE or any academics who are due to join in September. Academics who are already abroad on work or study missions have also been told to return home "within the shortest possible time". 

If you or any of your colleagues are affected by this, please can you provide their details to your HR Partner.  If you need some information on how status to work in the UK may be impacted by returning to Turkey, please contact Sarah Pedder in HR.


If you are a PhD student and have concerns please contact the PhD Academy.

If you have any further concerns regarding the ban by the Turkish Government please pass them to your HR Partner so that we can consider all courses of action.

Southern Trains Disruption and Flexible Working

With the ongoing disruption to Southern Trains, we are aware that many of our staff are suffering problems in their daily commute both in and out of London.


With a number of train services being axed from this week, we appreciate that there is no immediate end in sight to the ongoing difficulties many staff are facing with their journey.


To that end, staff and managers facing challenges with attendance may wish to refer to guidance on the HR website about temporary flexible working arrangements that may help ease the strain. 

LSE Careers China and Hong Kong Fairs

If you're in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing (or all three!) this summer, come along to our careers fairs to meet employers and to learn more about graduate opportunities in these cities!

IMT Maintenance: Sunday 7 August, 8am-8pm

On Sunday 7 August 8am to 8pm, IMT will carry out essential network maintenance, performing key systems upgrades and replacing equipment in preparation for the new academic year.


LSE IT services will experience intermittent outages throughout the day for up to one hour at a time. Please be aware that while services may be available for brief periods, they are at risk of losing connectivity to the LSE network for the duration of the maintenance period.


For full details, please see the LSE IT News blog.

Endless Endeavours

The Library’s summer exhibition draws on its unique collections to mark the 150th anniversary of a petition to Parliament signed by 1,499 women calling for women’s suffrage.


The exhibition celebrates the achievements of those early suffragists and the organisation which became the Fawcett Society. Although this 1866 petition was unsuccessful, the Fawcett Society regards this moment as its foundation.


The exhibition is open to all until 27 August 2016.

Public events

Tough Rides: Brazil 

Speaker: Ryan Pyle

Date: Thursday 04 August 2016, 6.30-8pm


The Euro: and its threat to Europe 

Speaker: Professor Joseph Stiglitz

Date: Tuesday 30 August 2016, 6.30-8pm


The Productivity Puzzle
Speaker: Andrew G Haldane
Date: Tuesday 27 September 2016, 6.30-8pm


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