Feb 3 2011

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LSE Alumnus

Loyd GrossmanAfter starting a career in journalism, Loyd Grossman was diverted into television working on programmes such as Through the Keyhole, Master Chef and Behind the Headlines. His fascination with food has also led him to create his own brand of food products.

 A lifelong interest in history, the arts and heritage has also involved him in numerous organisations including the Museums and Galleries Commission, the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England and the Association for Heritage Interpretation. He is a Fellow of a number of Societies including the Society of Antiquaries, the Royal Society of Medicine and of the Royal Society of Arts.

Loyd Grossman graduated from Boston University (BA cum laude), the London School of Economics (M Sc Econ) and Magdalene College, Cambridge (MPhil). He was appointed OBE in 2003. He was a member of the Court of Governors of the LSE from 1996-2009 and is now an Emeritus Governor of the LSE.

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Jan Stockdale Jan Stockdale is the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at LSE and oversees the well-being of over 4,000 students. As well as advising individual undergraduates, she serves on a number of School committees concerned with teaching, learning and other aspects of the student experience. A recurrent theme in Jan's research as a psychologist has been the analysis of contemporary social problems and policy issues. Her recent interests include policing, community safety and strategies aimed at reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. Currently, together with colleagues in the Department of Social Psychology, she is conducting a study of representations and experiences of aging, with a view to identifying ways of improving treatment of the elderly.

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Student Speakers

Niccolo RegoliNiccolo' Regoli was born in 1991 in Tuscany but grew up in Milan. He then moved to Rugby School for the Sixth Form and is currently in his second year as an undergraduate in the BA Geography programme. He is the current President of the Italian Society, and  is very fond of Italian food, entrepreneurship and sailing. He is a very proud fan of FC Inter.


Natasha GassonNatasha Gasson is from Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, England. She was born in 1990 and attended Stanborough School for 7 years, sitting both GCSEs and then A levels in 2009. She is in her second year reading Law at the LSE. She hopes to be a barrister after completing her degree in 2012, preferably in the field of human rights. She is the President of the British Society, a newly formed society this year, and is in her second year mentoring Year 12 students who are interested in studying Law and wish to know more about the subject. She has worked at the Houses of Parliament as an intern and at the Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace.

Rob RogersRobert Rogers is from New York City. He was born in 1989, went to school in New York, and then attended Georgetown University in Washington DC for two years. He did the General Course at LSE last year before transferring into the economics department and is now in the third year of the BSc Economics. Rob is president of the USA Society at LSE, and on the committee of the Rowing Club. His main academic interests are in microeconomics, and he has worked in media finance in London as well as at LSE's student-run consultancy, Mindsbridge.

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