Nov 21 2011

Paulina Bozek

Vyacheslav PolonskiChristina Kerr

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LSE Alumnus

Paulina BozekPaulina Bozek is the CEO of  INENSU, a start-up game company making
social and innovative games for the connected generation.

Prior to founding INENSU, she was the Development Director of the Atari
London Studio where she was responsible for overseeing the creative
direction and team management for the development of social games and applications.

Paulina spent six years at Sony as the Executive Producer of the
SingStar franchise for PlayStation. SingStar has been instrumental in
establishing games as popular entertainment and has achieved over
$500million in revenue. Paulina started her career in games in 1999 at
Ubisoft in Montreal, Canada.

In 2004 Paulina was awarded the BAFTA Interactive New Talent Award. In
2005, SingStar was awarded the BAFTA Award for Originality.

Paulina has an MSc in Media and Communications from the LSE (2002) and a
BA in Cultural Studies from McGill University.

She is a frequent speaker at industry events on new media technology and
popular culture.


Cath BaldwinHead of Recruitment and Admissions at LSE, Cath Baldwin chaired the event.

Student Speaker

Vyacheslav PolonskiVyacheslav Polonski is a Stelios Scholar and is currently in his third year in the BSc in Management at LSE. He has previously worked at the World Economic Forum, PwC and and founded the Strategy & Management Consulting Conference at the LSE, which became Europe's largest student conference on business strategy. Vyacheslav is also president of the LSE SU Consultancy Society and founder of the 'BusinessBattle' Trading Card Game. In 2011, he was honoured at the British Council 'International Student of the Year' Awards and was shortlisted for the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards. At the WorldStage lecture, he talked about his passion for entrepreneurship and some of the projects he has developed alongside his studies at LSE.

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Barclays Capital Speaker

Christina Kerr (LSE alumnus) worked at Price Waterhouse Coopers from 2002 - 2010 in the position Senior Manager for Campus Recruitment in her last two years there and now works in campus recruitment for Barclays Capital. Christina talked about what employers (not just banks!) look for in graduates and offer advice on how to make yourself more employable.


Vyacheslav Polonski ReceptionoutsideWolfsontheatre