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Timetable clash - Undergraduate

A timetable clash occurs when two or more of the courses you have chosen have teaching (lectures, seminars, classes or workshops/help sessions) scheduled at the same time.

Every effort is made by the School to avoid clashes between compulsory and optional courses however due to the number of optional course available on some programmes it is not always possible.

Undergraduate students who have made their course choices in LSE For You but cannot view a personal timetable from the end of September 2017 are likely to have a timetable clash. If this is the case you should see a message telling you the codes of the courses that are clashing. You might also find it useful to consult the full timetable by following the link below:

Timetables viewed by course code - Lecture, Graduate Seminar and Undergraduate Class Times. (You will need to use your LSE username and password if you are logging on from outside of the School).

You are advised to change one of your options to another course that does not clash. In exceptional circumstances students may be allowed to take clashing courses. The clash should be discussed with the relevant Departmental/Undergraduate Tutor and if approved, s/he will provide you with the necessary form, which should be completed and returned to the Student Services Centre.

Please note if the clash involves a language degree option course it may be possible to resolve the clash. Students are advised to consult with the appropriate language co-ordinator. 

 For further help and advice with your course choices please speak to your Academic Adviser.