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Diary and events

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The LSE Events Office is part of LSE's Communications Division.


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What's happening at LSE? From public lectures and music events, to term dates and committee calendars, find out here.


The pdf of the Summer events programme can be browsed online. Speakers include Christina Romer, Amartya Sen, and Jean-Yves Duclos.  

Listen to podcasts of the LSE Works lecture series highlighting LSE research from Brexit to jellyfish. 

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Drop the Ball: how women can acheive more by doing less
Hosted by Department of Management

Speaker: Tiffany Dufu
Date: Wednesday 05 April, 6.30-8:00pm

Jim Yong Kim 62x86

Meeting Global Challenges
Hosted by the London School of Economics and Political Science

Speaker: Dr Jim Yong Kim
Date: Tuesday 11 April, 6.30-8:00pm

JY Duclos 62x86

Policy vs Politics: the art of decision making
Hosted by the Department of Economics and Centre for Macroeconomics

Speaker: Dr Jean-Yves Duclos
Date: Monday 24 April, 6.30-8:00pm

Susan Bucks morss 62x86

Global Civil War: solidarity by proxy
Hosted by the Internationalism, Cosmopolitanism and the Politics of Solidarity Research group at the Centre for the Study of Human Rights

Speaker: Professor Susan Buck-Morss
Date: Tuesday 25 April, 6.30-8:00pm


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