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Diary and events

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The Conference and Events Office is part of LSE's External Relations Division| (ERD).


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What's happening at LSE? From public lectures |and music events|, to term dates and committee calendars, find out here.


Podcasts and Videos| of many of this term's events are available online, including the LSE Nelson Mandela Memorial Event, Mandela, the Lawyer|.  

LSE has introduced wireless for guests and visitors in association with 'The Cloud'|

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Mandela voting

Upcoming Exhibition: South Africa's Democracy — Mandela's "Cherished Ideal"|
LSE Arts public exhibition

Dates: Monday 1 - Friday 26 September 2014, 10am-8pm

Michael Pollan (Image copyright: FranCollin)

Jo Fidgen interviews Michael Pollan|
LSE and BBC Radio 4 Analysis public conversation

Speaker: Michael Pollan
Date: Wednesday 3 September, 6.30pm

Moeletsi Mbeki

South Africa's Democracy — Mandela's "Cherished Ideal"|
LSE public lecture

Speaker: Moeletsi Mbeki
Date: Tuesday 23 September, 6.30pm

Professor Diane Perrons

Gender, Inequality and Power|
Gendering the Social Sciences: the Gender Institute orientation public lecture

Speaker: Professor Diane Perrons
Date: Wednesday 1 October, 6.30pm




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