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Diary and events

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The Conference and Events Office is part of LSE's External Relations Division| (ERD).


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Events Leaflet Spring 2015

LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 2015| is taking place until Saturday 28 February with the theme 'Foundations', browse the flipbook pdf|.

LSE has introduced wireless for guests and visitors in association with 'The Cloud'|

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Lisa Appignanesi

Why Remember?|
LSE Department of Social Psychology 50th Anniversary Literary Festival discussion

Speakers: Lisa Appignanesi, Darian Leader, Owen Sheers
Date: Saturday 28 February, 11am

Professor Gina Rippon

Gender and the Brain|
Forum for European Philosophy “Consilience” public dialogue

Speakers: Professor John Dupré, Professor Gina Rippon
Date: Monday 2 March, 6.30pm

Professor Hugh White

Power and Order, Peace and War: lessons for Asia from 1914-18
|Ralph Miliband Programme “War and Peace” lecture series

Speaker: Professor Hugh White 
Date: Tuesday 3 March, 6.30pm

Professor Francesco Caselli

Yes, it is a Curse: politics and the adverse impact of natural-resource riches|
Norman Sosnow Chair Inaugural Lecture

Speaker: Professor Francesco Caselli
Date: Wednesday 4 March, 6.30pm




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