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ReCollect: Creative Explorations of the LSE

Art and the Institution

ReCollect is an ambitious new arts initiative at LSE, a creative investigation into the history, reputation and identity of the School. Over the next two years ReCollect: Creative Explorations of the LSE will collect, interpret and disseminate the School's diverse histories through the research and production of art works and events; including exhibitions, installations, symposia, films and publications. Artist Heather Barnett, working in collaboration with staff, students and alumni, will lead and develop innovative projects inspired by archive material, research studies, personal histories, interactions and experiments. There will be various opportunities for people to get involved as the project unfolds, through participation and direct collaboration in creative production.

Ideas have begun to emerge, including an art/documentary film exploring key events of 'trouble' making over the years, digital wall designs depicting the evolution of subjects taught at LSE, and a memory-mapping project which aims to reveal individual significant moments in the life of the institution and its inhabitants. For this, staff and students are invited to share their campus stories, of personal, political or professional poignancy. These personal histories, from the corridors, rooms and streets of LSE, will form the basis of a creative remapping of the campus.

Personal histories wanted

Stories can be shared in a variety of ways, depending on the level of anonymity desired by the storyteller. Contributions can be submitted through the ReCollect website (http://www.recollect-lse.info/|) by following links to 'get involved' and 'contribute', or by writing on the back of a postcard and popping it in the ReCollect drop-box in the Atrium.

Heather hopes that many people will take a minute or two to contribute their memories and stories, and is looking forward to hearing/reading the range of stories collected.

ReCollect is collaborating with the Student's Union Arts Forum as part of their art extravaganza of exhibitions and events planned for Week 9 (5 - 9 March). Activities will include instant art exhibitions, a scribbling wall and the outing of The Curious Beaver.

ReCollect is a unique opportunity to artistically explore the diverse histories, events and personalities that have shaped what the LSE is today. To find out more visit www.recollect-lse.info|

ReCollect: a collaboration between contemporary art and social science at the London School of Economics & Political Science

Contact Heather Barnett at
Tel: 020 7955 7402
Email: h.barnett@lse.ac.uk|