Public spaces

LSE has a limited number of spaces available for public arts and music events.


The Atrium is on the ground floor of the Old Building, and is available for art exhibitions. Half of the space is given over to a wall exhibition about the history of the School (see Beginnings| (PDF), and two glass cabinets containing past and present LSE memorabilia. The rest of the space can be booked for exhibitions or for one-off evening events only.

Email| about availability.

artAndMusicinsert2The Shaw Library, or Founders' Room, on the sixth floor of the Old Building is a library and common room for all members of LSE. It houses the famous Nicholson painting of Sidney and Beatrice Webb, and is the venue for the School's long standing concerts series. An adjoining rehearsal room is available and a roof terrace is open in clement weather. Music can be played in the Shaw Library on request. To minimise disruption of normal uses of the library, booking the room for other functions is permitted only exceptionally.