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Discover Islam Week presents Islamic Art at the LSE

The latest exhibition in the Foyer of the Library is a series of Arabic calligraphy pieces and related objects that aim to represent the power and beauty of Islam in an artistic format.

Discover Islam week is an event run by the Islamic Society at the LSE and commences on Monday 29th January until Friday 2nd of February, and the exhibitions in the Library as well as the Quad all form part of the DIW extravaganza. The exhibition currently displays work by the likes of Hussain Rassoul, Zoya Arts and a fellow second year LSE Law and Anthropology student, Amina Khannom, and all portray the beauty of Islamic calligraphy.

Calligraphy for the Muslim is a visible expression of the highest art of all, the art of the spiritual world. Calligraphy has arguably become the most venerated form of Islamic art because it provides a link between the languages of the Muslims with the religion of Islam, transcending all cultural boundaries.

The exhibition also includes related exhibits in the glass cabinets in the Library, including The Quran; the Muslim Holy Book, in both the Persian script and the cursive Naskh script, with rounder letters and thin lines which is usually considered clearer and easier to decipher; as well as a spiral that features the ninety nine Excellent Names of Allah , Al-Asmaaul Husna.

The Quad will also be home to more artistic Islamic Calligraphy pieces from Zoya Arts, Jamil Arts as well as Ilm Wear, a team that uses a fusion of Arabic, Manga and philosophical thought to create meaningful artistic expression on their clothes.

"Art is really a way to transcend cultural boundaries," says Jinan Bastaki, general secretary of the Islamic Society, "It's something that we all enjoy, no matter what cultural, religious or social background we come from. We hope that the art exhibitions on this week give people a chance to experience the other side of Islam, one that encourages artistic expression to glorify God."

On Monday 29th January, Islamic Society managed to get more than 100 students together to spell 'Salam', which means 'peace' in Arabic. It was a great display of students coming together outside the library to be photographed from above showing a celebration of faith and tolerance.


Discover Islam Week will be on throughout the whole of week 4 on Campus, and the Art exhibition is available for public viewing at the Library and the Quad from Monday 29th January to 2nd February 2007. A Chinese Calligraphy class is taking place on Wednesday 31st January, please email su.soc.islamic@lse.ac.uk| if you would like to attend.