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Recording the Truth in Iran

Photographs by Kaveh Golestan

10 November -19 December 2008

Atrium Gallery, Old Building

Kaveh Golestan was the photojournalist with the longest continuous presence in Iran from before the Revolution until his death in 2003. Photography brought Golestan worldwide acclaim. In 1979 he received a Robert Capa Award. However due to the political climate in Iran, it was a prize he collected only thirteen years later. A regular contributor to Time magazine, he became a noted documentary filmmaker. In 1991 he released the acclaimed film Recording the Truth, about the situation of journalists in Iran. He lectured at the Art College at the University of Tehran, where he ended up inspiring a generation of Iranian fine photographic artists and photojournalists who have gone on to international recognition. During his period he continued a life-long project, photographing the city's disposed - this time an asylum for mentally ill children, a challenging exposition that was published by the Observer. By 1999 he joined the BBC's Tehran bureau as a cameraman. On 2 April 2003 on assignment, covering war in the way he always did - close up and without fear - he stepped on a landmine and died in Kifri in northern Iraq. He was 52 years old.

This retrospective exhibition of work by the late Kaveh Golestan includes many of his powerful and important photographs, most notably, the Iranian Revolution and war with Iraq (1979-1988). Curated by Hengameh Golestan and organised by the Iran Heritage Foundation in association with LSE Arts.

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Ro3-Masked militia man, Khuzestan, 1980


R13-A student mourns a friend shot outside Tehran University, Tehran, 1979

Images from Recording the Truth in Iran

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