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LSE saw its first ever Arts Week take place during Week 9 of Lent Term (5 March to 9 March). A venture initiated by the LSESU Arts Forum in order to raise awareness of art at the LSE and to further enhance the art culture. The week took place with the help and support of the LSE Student's Union and the LSE Arts Advisory Group. The LSESU Arts Forum worked hard in collaboration with a number of the arts societies as well as with artist Heather Barnett, in her 'ReCollect: Creative Explorations of the LSE' project (for more information please visit| ).  A number of initiatives took place throughout the week including exhibitions, interactive art, performance art, and ending the week with the Arts Week and Drama Society 'Into The Woods' Crush. Arts Week was hosted with the aim that it will highlight the opportunities that are available, encourage students to get more involved, and to bring a little more creativity to the campus.

Visual Arts Exhibition and Lunchtime Reception

To mark the first Arts Week, a launch was held for the visual arts exhibition and an exclusive lunchtime reception which took place in Parish Hall on 6 March 2007 from 12pm - 2pm.

To view a visual artistic representation of the exhibition and reception please click on the link below.|

hangingman IMG_2456 IMG_2378 cartoons IMG_2383 canvasses

Interactive Art Events 

'The Thought Projector'


SU Arts Week and ReCollect presented an instant art interactivity with 'The Thought Projector', a portal for thoughts and hidden creative contributions that are immediately projected to join a live, constantly changing display. This interactive art event took place throughout Arts Week in the Quad from 10 - 6pm. 

'Clay Crush'

This 'interactive event', took place on Monday lunchtime on Houghton St between 11am and 2pm. A large bed of clay in which passers-by were asked to model a section with their own hands, in any way they desire. Either they could impress their face/hands/feet into it or build some kind of form out of it. Within a matter of hours the LSE student body created a spontaneous synthesis of ideas, and a collective work of art. This was then taken directly to be displayed and viewed at the Arts Week exhibition in the Parish Hall - the ultimate in interactive art.

 IMG_2333 cute face hand croc IMG_2339 IMG_2328

'The Creative Canvas'

This 'interactive event', took place on Wednesday lunchtime on Houghton St between 11am and 2pm. A tripartite panelling of three large canvas's adorned the grey brick walls of the street, blank, but the statement "Creativity is here...(?)". Students then chose from a selection of coloured fabric pens and mapped out their ideas on the subject through the medium of scribbled words and pictures.




'Colour The Streets'

This 'interactive event', took place on Wednesday lunchtime on Houghton St between 11am and 2pm. In conjunction with the Tate Moderns very own 'Raw Canvas' group, students were provided with an array of materials, which they manipulated and unleashed an explosion of decorations on Houghton Street.

bird artsweek_477x318

shirleytheelephant  ghostpuppets_477x318heresonewemadeearlier_477x318 

'Curious Beaver'

As part of the 'ReCollect: Creative Explorations of the LSE', the curious Beaver roamed around LSE for the week documenting thoughts from students and staff alike.


What's On Guide

Monday 5 March

Poetry at Speaker's Corner  (Literature Society) 11 am, The Plaza  -  free.
Clay Crush  (Arts Forum) - mass participation art - 12-2pm, Houghton Street  -  free.
Knitting workshop  (Knitting Society) - newcomers especially welcome - 12 - 2 pm, The Quad  -  free.
Street Jazz  (Dance Society) 7-8 pm, Room G1  -  £3/£4

Hip Hop Fundamentals Workshop  (Dance Society) 6-8 pm, Parish Hall  -  £3/£4

Beginners Swing Dance Class  (Swing Dance Society) 7-9pm, Room G108  -  £2.50/£3.50

How does art change the world? with Thomas Hirschhorn, meet outside Southbank Centre, 6.45 pm - free (Arts Forum funded)
Orchestra Spring Concert Rehearsal  (Music Society), Haydn's London Symphony, 7-9pm, Shaw Library  - free

Tuesday 6 March

Arts Week Launch lunchtime reception and art exhibition  (Arts Forum), 12.30 - 2pm,  Parish Hall -  free

Jazz Band Practice  (Music Society), 4-6 pm,  Music Practice Room (access through Shaw Library)  -  free
Lyrical Jazz Dance Workshop  (Dance Society) 6-8 pm, Room S50  -  £3/£4

Choir Spring Concert Rehearsal  (Music Society) - Mozart's Requiem - 6-7.30 pm, Shaw Library  -  free
Salt Lake City Punk  (Film Society screening)  8 pm,  E171 (New Theatre)  -  free/£1
Ballet Class  (Dance Society) 7-8pm (beginners) / 8-9.30 pm (advanced) Room H216  -  £3/£4

Wednesday 7 March

Poetry at Speaker's Corner  (Literature Society) 11 am,  The Plaza - free
Colour the Street - a Raw Canvas initiative - 11 - 1 pm, Houghton Street - mass participation art - free
Chamber Concert  (Music Society)  7 pm,  Shaw Library - free

Buena Vista Social Club  (Film Society screening) - 8 pm,  E171 (New Theatre) - free/£1
Improver's Swing Dance Class  (Swing Dance Society) 7-9 pm, Room G108 - £2.50/£3.50

Thursday 8 March

Creative Canvas  (Arts Forum) 12-2 pm, Houghton Street - mass participation art - free
Houghton St. Hop  (Swing Dance Society) - just dance! swing or otherwise... - 12 -3 pm, Houghton Street - free

Libor Nováček (piano) LSE Lunchtime Concert, 1.05 - 2pm, Shaw Library - free.

Celon Mange  (Alternative Music Society) - an evening of sonic destruction - 7pm,  Shaw Library - free
Writers' Workshop  (Drama Society) 7 pm, Room Z239 - free
Life Drawing Session  (Visual Arts Society) - bring your own materials - 7 pm, Room D211  - £3/£4
Intermediate/Advanced Swing Dance Class  (Swing Dance Society) 7-9 pm, Room D202 - £2.50/£3.50
Hip Hop Dance Class  (Dance Society) 6-7.30 pm (advanced) / 7.30-9 pm (beginners), Parish Hall - £3/£4

Friday 9 March

Poetry at Speaker's Corner  (Literature Society) 11am, The Plaza  -  free
Actors' Workshop  (Drama Society) 5 pm, Room D002  -  free
Backstage tour of the National Theatre - meet outside National Theatre - 5 pm - free (Arts Forum funded - please email us)
Into the Woods Fairytale Crush! 8 pm - 2 am, The Quad

Running Tuesday 6 - Friday 9 March

Visual Arts Exhibition 10-5 pm, Parish Hall - free
The Muse (Literature Society) - Release of LSE's annual literary journal
Into the Woods Musical ticket sales  (Drama Society) - stall on Houghton Street - Performances 13th and 15th-17th March
LondScapes, Exhibition (Degree, University of the Arts), The Atrium  - free. See LondScapes|.
The Thought Projector - Arts Forum in conjunction with ReCollect - an instant interactive art exhibition where your small scale contributions join a live, constantly changing display in The Quad - free

And watch out for The Curious Beaver on Houghton Street!

Photographs of Arts Week taken by Heather Barnett, ReCollect Lead Artist and Sara Vaughn, SU Arts Forum. To get in touch with the photographers, artists and organisers of Arts Week please contact Rothna Begum, Arts Co-ordinator at|

Arts Week 2007 took place on Week 9 of Lent Term, 5 March - 9 March 2007.