Monday 5 September – Friday 30 September 2011
Monday – Friday 10am - 8pm*
Atrium Gallery, Old Building, LSE

Created by CYJO in collaboration with Compassion for Migrant Children

SUBSTRUCTURE confronts the viewer with stories of exhaustion, pain, expectation, and hope. They are the stories of the lives that you and I could have easily been born into. They are our stories.

SUBSTRUCTURE was developed by CYJO through a chance meeting with Jonathan Hursh, the founder of Compassion for Migrant Children (CMC). It was during a shoot for another art project where she learned about the meaningful work he and his team engaged in, helping migrant children through their multiple community centres. After learning about the statistics behind the migrant worker population in China, she felt compelled to create an educational platform to help resonate the voices behind these hard working individuals, individuals who are equally important and part of the social fabric of a fast paced and developing China.

The topic of migrant workers continues to be a global phenomenon which all developed or developing countries face. It's an effect to the human condition. Many migrant workers tend to be newly arrived immigrants and individuals with limited skills and opportunities. The story of one embarking on a challenging journey in search of a better life and simultaneously strengthening their social fabric is an all too common global story.

CYJO is a Korean American who began her photography career seven years ago after one of her images was published in The New York Times. In 2011, her photographic and textual work, The KYOPO Project, will be exhibited at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, USA. It will be the first exhibition in the history of the gallery that will focus on Asian Americans. She specializes in portraiture and contributes to Vision and Le Lettre de la Photographie as a photographer and writer. Her clientele includes Guess Watches, Elle International, Rolling Stones China, Time Out NY, FHM China, and she has lectured at NYU, The University of Miami, The Korea Society and the Overseas Korean Foundation. She is currently based in Beijing where she is working on other photographic projects in China.

Compassion for Migrant Children (CMC) is a nonprofit organization committed to helping children of migrant workers in China and their communities through social and education programs. They believe in the community-based approach because it provides stability in an otherwise fractured population and provides a hub of change and hope. CMC aims to fill a gap in migrant communities by establishing community centres that offer comprehensive, holistic programming to migrant children and their families including vocational skills training, after school programs, teacher training seminars for migrant school teachers and family workshops. They address migrant children issues through collaboration with individuals and organizations (both non-profit and private), with a vision about broad and sustained social change. Find out more at|. Contact:|.

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* The atrium gallery is occasionally used for private school receptions, on these evenings the gallery will open from 10am - 6pm. During this exhibition this includes the evenings of 21, 23, 28, 29, 30 September 2011.