New and recent work in photography by Kate Potter and James Tye

16 June -18 July 2008 (extended to 1 August)

Reception Tuesday 17 June 2008, Atrium Gallery, 7-9pm

Organised in collaboration with TAG Fine Arts

 LSE Arts is pleased to present the first public exhibition in the LSE's newly refurbished Atrium space, renamed Atrium Gallery. Over the coming year, Atrium Gallery will host a wide-range of exhibitions showcasing high quality contemporary art and projects that have been specifically devised to explore relationships between art and the social sciences.

For its inaugural exhibition, LSE Arts (in collaboration with TAG Fine Arts) brings together two striking bodies of photographic portraiture by Kate Potter and James Tye. In Kate Potter's large-scale portraits, domestic non-breed cats are depicted using a genre of photography commonly associated with the anthropological categorisation of the human subject. Following similar rules, Potter's has her feline subjects stare directly at the camera to meet our gaze in a decidedly deadpan manner. These photographs are remarkable for both the intimate level of detail they reveal and also because they induce us to view them, as we may similar photographs of humans, not simply as generic types, but more so as individuals with different personas.

James Tye's ongoing series of portraits, Still Standing comprise portraits of boxers, created by way of a temporary photographic studio set up in a boxing club.  Following their training sessions and fights, boxers would, on their way to the changing rooms, be invited by Tye to pose briefly for a photograph. Without the familiar tropes associated with the spectacle of boxing, these images provide an alternative, but equally fascinating, insight into the world of the pugilist. The qualities of power, control and visceral energy here make way for a certain sense of exposure as if  the subjects have been caught, as it were, between a moment of adrenalin rush and exhaustion. 

Through their respective approaches, Potter and Tye capture both the particular and the unexpected characteristics of their sitters. For Potter this manifests itself by way of her subjects assured gaze and uncanny persona, whereas in Tye's images, notions of vigour and bravado, make way for a moment of vulnerability.  Despite their apparent differences, together Potter and Tye's photographs also explore the ambivalent nature of photography itself, in terms of its power to capture real or imagined identity.

Southpaw is organised by LSE Arts in collaboration with

TAG Fine Arts.

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Opening Times: Monday - Friday 10 - 6pm

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The exhibition has also been supported by Metro Imaging and Kay Mounting.

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Potter portrait9

Kate Potter, Portrait 9,2007, lambda C-type, 80 x 75cm




James Tye, Harding, 2006, lambda c-type, 62 x78cm