The Atrium Gallery is located in the Old Building next to the Student Services Centre. 

We’ve hosted a variety of impressive exhibitions, ranging from student society shows to international non-governmental organisations exhibitions and even a joint venture between the United Nations and the Department for International Development.

Come and enjoy the talented work bridging the gap between art and the social sciences.

Current Exhibitions


Final Sale 

From Monday 24 November 2014

Windermere and Greenbelt Aug 14 121

Christian Voices Coming Out 

Monday 1 February - Friday 4 March 2016



 Upcoming Exhibitions


Imagine Greece 

Monday 7 March -  Friday 18 March 2016


An Archeology of Modern China

Monday 4 April - Friday 22 April 2016

Talk to Someone Image

Talk to Someone You Don't Know About Something You Don't Know

Monday 25 April - Friday 29 April 2016


Past Exhibitions