Final Sale

LSE Arts public installation

Dates: From Monday 24 November 2014 (for around 1 year)
Venue: Above the entrance of the Old Building, Houghton Street

The entrance to the Old Building has taken on a new style of late, with the installation of a new piece of public art, called Final Sale.

This temporary installation is the creation of Recycle Group –made up of the award winning Russian artists Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov - who “explore the realm of ‘virtual reality’ using both recycled imagery and materials.” The piece was loaned to the School free of charge by the Gazelli Art House, as part of its on-going commitment to art education. It will be mounted over the main entrance to the Old Building for the next three months.

Recycle Group’s work is mainly concerned with consumerism and the infinite drive for materialistic sustainability. Recycling is a central part of their art, whether this is through the use of recycled materials or recycling of familiar imagery.

The LSE installation is composed of both recycled imagery and materials, and examines the socio-political and economic effects created by the current financial climate - exploring the realm of modern day economics and its effect on today’s society.

This installation is open to all, no ticket required. Visitors are welcome to view the installation at anytime until the closing date. For further information email or phone on 020 7107 5342. 

Just economics and politics? Think again.  While LSE does not teach arts or music, there is a vibrant cultural side to the School - from weekly free music concerts in the Shaw Library, and an LSE orchestra and choir with their own professional conductors, various film, art and photographic student societies, the annual LSE photo prize competition, the LSE Literary Festival and artist-in-residence projects. For more information please view the LSE Arts website. 

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