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Not Quite A Baker's Dozen

Monday 6 June – Thursday 7 July 2011
Monday – Friday 10am - 8pm
Atrium Gallery, Old Building  

Not Quite A Baker's Dozen is part of a series of exhibitions and talks in a contemporary arts programme curated by HRL Contemporary at the LSE. 

This group show offers an introductory overview of 10 exceptionally talented young artists. The chosen work reveals sustained exploration of different artistic paths, which converge around the collected response to context. Addressing a broad spectrum of themes and concerns, the artists share a thoughtful engagement with their practise. 

The collected work is an eclectic serving of approaches to the artists' immediate and more removed environments, each marked by an unique perception of elemental issues. Intimate subjects including personal space, memory, portraiture and relationships are considered alongside more politically challenging and risky interventions. Other works alight on imagined objects and situations, carefully altered into unexpected, playful and grotesque forms. Sparse psychological scenes are concocted into mindscapes, presenting a further degree of separation from the everyday. Not Quite a Baker's Dozen introduces a wide range of different media from painting to sculpture, photography, collage, video and conceptual art.

This exhibition is open to all, no ticket required. Visitors are welcome during weekdays (Monday - Friday) between 10am and 8pm (excluding bank holidays or unless otherwise stated below). For further information email  arts@lse.ac.uk| or phone on 020 7107 5342.

If you are planning to attend this exhibition and would like details on how to get here please refer to Travelling to LSE|