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Photography in LSE classrooms

The following is a selection of photographs from previous LSE Photo Prize Competitions run between 2006-2010.  You will find below the details of the classrooms where the photos are located, the title and the name of the photographer.

To view the photographs as listed by classrooms, please follow the corresponding links below:

NAB Classrooms|; Clements House Classrooms|; Connaught House Classrooms|; East Building Classrooms;| Kingsway Classrooms;| St Philip's North Block|; St Clements Classrooms.|

To view a larger image and more details of the photograph please see LSE Perspectives| the monthly online photography gallery, where a large number of these photos have been featured in past galleries.

Further details on how to contact the photographer can be found by contacting the Arts Co-ordinator at arts@lse.ac.uk|.