SU Timeless Society


Dancing. Acting. Music. Culture. Passion. All come together in one breathtaking show: Timeless! Be a part of something amazing this year.

Students at the LSE come from all over the world, but if there's one thing that brings us all together while celebrating our distinctiveness, it's art! The LSESU biggest student theatrical production, TIMELESS!, was created in 2007 to celebrate the vast array of cultural and artistic traditions to be found within the walls of the LSE. Last year, more than 200 students from across the globe were united in an unforgettable evening of Dance, Drama, Music and Film, put together entirely by students from the LSE, and staged at the prestigious Hammersmith Apollo.

Timeless, unlike many of its rivals, is not about a parade of talent or a dance showcase because at the heart of every production there's always a story and a powerful messaged portrayed to the audience. This production has always been about having a great time, making amazing friends and creating an awe-inspiring show, whilst also giving something back to those around us.

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