LSE Chill

About LSE Chill Performance Night

Are you a poet, comedian or budding musician? Are you in a group looking for somewhere to perform? Do you want the opportunity to perform at LSE?

LSE Chill is a free performance night hosted by LSE Arts at Cafe 54, New Academic Building, on the last Friday of every month (in term time). 

Not a performer? Come along and enjoy the free night of live music with limited free drinks and snacks.

The next LSE Chill will be on Friday 27 January 2017

6.00 - 6.30pm: Isaiah Ahn

Isaiah Ahn is a singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas, and a General Course student from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. A gifted multi-instrumentalist, Isaiah plays the guitar, drums, piano, violin, bass, mandolin, and this Christmas, he picked up the banjo. He's played at SXSW, an international music festival, performed with an award winning orchestra at Carnegie Hall in 2014, and has quietly headlined shows around the Cleveland and Austin metro areas over the past two years. This is his first time playing internationally.


6.35 - 7.05pm: Abi Steadman

Singer-songwriter with a love of weird clashy chords. Inspired by jazz, folk, indie rock and pop. Habit of liking depressing songs more than cheery ones. Attempting to overcome said habit.


7.15 - 7.45pm: Big Sky Otters

Big Sky Otters are here to show what can be achieved with a little dedication, inspiration, a bunch of acoustic stringed instruments and some improvised percussion.  Lending an acoustic depth to songs new and slightly less new, Big Sky Otters are sure to produce a great start to your weekend.

Other LSE Chill dates:
                Friday 24 March 2017
                Friday 28 April 2017
Interested in performing at an upcoming Chill? Get in touch!

We're always looking for new acts to perform. You could be a singer, be part of a team, do stand up comedy, anything goes! If you are interested in performing, please email with your name and details of your act.

Check out some clips from the October 2016 LSE Chill: