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Atrium Gallery - Submitting a proposal

Find out how to exhibit at LSE Arts Gallery 

First step - read our guidelines

Work or study at LSE? Read our internal guidelines

Not from LSE? Read our external guidelines

Second step - fill out a proposal form

Send us an exhibition proposal. Tell us about your exhibition, your funding and why it fits with LSE Arts.  

Most of the exhibitions in our gallery are booked in 6-12 months in advance. This gives you plenty of time to plan, fundraise and (if applicable) organise any associated events. 

What do we look for in exhibition proposals?  We want to see how your proposed exhibition fits with LSE’s goals and work in the world of social sciences, as well as a high level of artistic talent. and other criteria linking to the academic values and activity here at the School.  Please also consider the aims of LSE Arts when writing your proposal.

LSE Arts cannot fund any exhibitions. Let us know in your proposal how your show will be funded. We want to see that you’ve thought through the logistics and have the funds available to meet the costs involved.

Remember - with such high demand for our gallery space, it’s a good idea to be flexible about your exhibition dates, so please list your first choice of dates and any alternate dates which would also work.

Third step - wait to hear from us 

As soon as we receive your proposal, the LSE Arts Assistant will review your submission before passing this on the the Arts Advisory Committee for their approval. If we have any questions, we’ll get back to you. 

We’ll keep you up to date at each step. In general, you’ll hear back from us within 2-3 weeks sending us your proposal.  




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