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Just a place to study? Think again. LSE has a vibrant community in which you can get involved: arts, music, sports, parties. Discover our diversity!
Ignorance Is Bliss - Maria Burova

LSE Photo Prize 2014|

The LSE Arts hosted its first pop up exhibition during the Literary Festival, displaying over 250 photos submitted to the Photo Prize 2014 competition that ran during January. With the same theme as the Literary Festival, students and staff submitted photos of their interpretation of 'reflections'.

A selection of the submissions received by the competition can be browsed in the online image gallery|.

Old Building

LSE in Pictures|

A selection of images taken by School photographer Nigel Stead.  The Photography Unit  |has more than 34,000 LSE images that document all aspects of LSE life, over 6,000 of which are in the LSE Image Bank|, accessible by the whole School.

Idyllic- Michaela Petrikova

LSE Perspectives|

The online gallery featuring images contributed by students and staff, reflecting some of the fascinations, concerns, quirks and artistic sensibilities of our LSE community.