LSE Perspectives May 2012

Here are this month's contributions to LSE Perspectives, the online gallery featuring images contributed by students and staff, reflecting some of the fascinations, concerns, quirks and artistic sensibilities of our LSE community.  To view a larger picture and to find out more information about each entry please click on the thumbnail.

Each month a new selection of photographs will be selected by the Arts Team.  You can find out more about how to submit your contribution at LSE Perspectives submissions|.

01 Springtime Life| Springtime-Life| At the Market| 02 At the Market|
03 Isolation at Salar de Uyuni| Isolation at Salar de Uyuni| Banking Life| 04 Banking Life|
05 Chestnut Babies| Chestnut babies| Moth| 06 Moth|
07 Grey and Blues| Grey and Blues| London Bridge| 08 London Bridge|
09 Chase| Chase| Nov 30| 10 Nov 30|
11 Grand Canyon| Grand Canyon| Deserts Of Siwa| 12 Deserts of Siwa|