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LSE Perspectives - May 2006

This month's contributions to LSE Perspectives feature the LSESU Grismhaw Club fieldtrip to Ljubljana in Slovenia.  In April 2006, a small group of students with a general interest in migration and refugees visited Ljubljana.  Slovenia since its accession to the EU has become a frontier for migrants who are at best seeking a better life and at worst being forcibly exported into the sex industry or shadow economy.  Meetings to discuss the issues of migration and asylum were arranged with the British Ambassador to Slovenia, a leading NGO Slovenia Philanthropy as well as representatives from the Government Office for European Affairs and the Ministry of Interior.  A detailed trip report can be located here

Shortly after this fieldtrip took place Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for science and research, delivered a well attended lecture at LSE entitled 'Back to Basics - Putting Excellence at the Heart of European Research'.  A transcript of his lecture can be found here.   Between 2002 and 2004 Commissioner Potočnik had been the Slovenian Minister for European Affairs and he acted as head of the negotiating team for the accession of Slovenia to the EU from 1998 onwards.

LSE Perspectives is the online gallery featuring images contributed by students and staff, reflecting some of the fascinations, concerns, quirks and artistic sensibilities of our LSE community.  To view a larger picture and to find out more information about each entry please click on the thumbnail.  

Each month a new selection of photographs will be selected by the Arts Advisory Group.  You can find out more about how to submit your contribution at LSE Perspectives submissions.

LSESU Grimshaw Club at the Government Office for European Affairs At_Ministry_of_Interior_small Looking_at_books_small Looking at Books on Dragon Bridge
Flags Flags2_small LSE_at_British_Embassy_small Meeting at the British Embassy in Ljubljana
Learning to Pour Union Beer Learning_to_pour_beer_small Market_apples_small Apples
Market Day Market_stalls_small River2_small The Ljubljanica River
On Top Of Ljubljanski Grad Petra_on_castle_small Slovenia_River_small Alpine Stream
Prime Minister Janez Janša Prime_Minister_small Ljubljana2_small Panorama

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