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LSE Perspectives - June 2006

Here are this month's contributions to LSE Perspectives, the online gallery featuring images contributed by students and staff, reflecting some of the fascinations, concerns, quirks and artistic sensibilities of our LSE community.  To view a larger picture and to find out more information about each entry please click on the thumbnail.  

The following contributions are a selection from the free photography exhibit currently being held at the Development Studies Institute (DESTIN), Tower Two, 4th Floor until Wednesday 14 June 2006. The photographs which span five continents and travel through more than fifty countries were taken by Mike Hoevel, a current postgraduate in DESTIN. They aim to bring issues in development to life and encourage people to get involved in the world around them. Everyone is welcome to the exhibit and photos can be ordered for £10 each (8"x10", mounted). Orders can be placed by emailing m.r.hoevel@lse.ac.uk| and all proceeds from sales will go to development projects in rural Western China.

Each month a new selection of photographs will be selected by the Arts Advisory Group.  You can find out more about how to submit your contribution at LSE Perspectives submissions|.

Abstract Landscape|



An Old Railroad Cemetery |

Inca Terraces In The Sacred Valley|

Agriculturesmall| Nature-4small|

Succulent Plant|

Stations Of The Cross|

Bolivia-Titicaca-crossessmall| Nature-7small|

Cracking Salt Flats With Cactus |

Tibetans Talking After A Festival|

Culturesmall| People-5small|

Woman In Celebratory Dress |

Tapestry Vendor At Inca Ruin|

DSCN2607small| Police-2small|

Military Exercises |

Olives Sold At Market|

olivessmall| Sustainablesmall|

Street Lamp |

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