Learning and Development Group

The Learning and Development Group facilitates the sharing of good practice in learning and development between training providers throughout LSE.


  • To share best practice in training and development delivery.
  • Where appropriate, to utilise existing skill and expertise in the group to further develop the skills of the group.
  • Where possible, to work together to ensure a high quality service and a good standard of training is provided to the LSE community.
  • To provide additional support for LSE staff involved in training provision and advocacy for the work of training providers across the School.
  • To share expertise and, where appropriate, resources amongst training providers in order to ensure best value for the School and its members.


The group is made up of representatives from the following departments/divisions:

  •  Careers
  •  Learning Technology and Innovation
  •  Department of Methodology
  •  Health and Safety
  •  Human Resources
  •  Information Management and Technology
  •  Library
  •  Teaching and Learning Centre
  •  Web Services

The group is managed by the following key members:

  • Chair: Chris Watt, Human Resources
  • Vice-chair: Jane Secker, Learning Technology and Innovation
  • Secretary: Annika Ranga, Information Management and Technology

For further information or if you are interested in joining the group, please contact Chris Watt on c.watt@lse.ac.uk or training.and.development@lse.ac.uk.

Key initiatives

The Learning and Development Group has been involved in the following initiatives:

  • Creation, management and maintenance of the Training and Development System, a central booking system for use by key training providers
  • Co-ordination of a training providers stall at Orientation and Reorientation fairs
  • Joint events as part of the Learning at Work Day

See our Past Activities page for more information about events that the group have run.