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Security and Reception. 
Room OLD 1.02 
London School of Economics
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE

Tel: Security control room 020 7955 6200 (24 hours)

Emergency tel: 020 7955 6555
Internal: x666

Use Service Request Form to request access cards/fobs or to report a facilities or maintenance issue.

A to Z of services

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Maintaining and Monitoring of fire alarms, plant alarms, lift alarms, emergency help alarms, passive infra red (PIR) detector alarms, door alarms, throughout 24 hours of the day 365 days of the year.

See Bombs below

Access Control
Monitoring of the GYYR (trade name) Building Management System computer  which runs the access control system on a number of main doors in and out of School buildings. Management of the access control levels, upgrading School campus cards giving access as needed to School people.

Accidents and dangerous occurrences
Helping, investigating and reporting incidents in the School where visitors or others are hurt or people become ill. [Report incidents through the Departmental Administrator during normal office hours or outside this time call internal extension 2000 or 7111 or 020 7955 6200.]


Badging office
The printing and issue of staff and ancillary cards (formerly associate cards) has moved from the library service desk to a dedicated badging office in the Old Building. This office is located on OLD G.02 and is situated adjacent to the waiting area in the OLD building foyer. Management responsibility for the issue of staff and ancillary cards has transferred from the Library to Estates Security. Card enquiries should be directed to


Respond to telephone calls threatening a bomb in the School. Suspect letters and packages, suspect vehicles allegedly containing bombs parked outside the School. Letters suspected of containing biological (anthrax) or chemical (Sarin) agents. Posters giving directions upon what to do in the event of discovering a suspect package are available by ringing 020 7955 6055 or calling to Room A101.  For further advice on practical steps to manage a bomb incident see Bombs and bomb calls: advice on handling incidents
Phone 020 7955 6200/7111 (or 666 in an emergency)

Click here for times of opening of School buildings


Cabs  See Taxi below.

Monitoring of the School's CCTV system 24 hours of the day 365 days a year. Managing the tapes and running the system in accordance with the Data Protection Act

Computer security
Computer security Most School offices are left locked and unattended in a very open environment for over 100 hours every week. It is essential that computers are secured to an immovable object such as a desk, with either a steel security cage or high strength security cable, to prevent theft. Get your computer locked down NOW. Please contact your cluster team to arrange the installation of a security kit. See also Laptops  Contact details: Cluster team numbers

Control Room
Manning the control room in the School 24 hours of the day 365 days a year. Acting as the School main switchboard after 6pm Monday to Friday and all weekend for incoming and outgoing telephone calls.

Investigation and reporting of crime and suspect persons on the campus. Analysing crime patterns and producing quarterly and annual crime charts showing levels of crime in the School.

We encourage & support Crime-stoppers.  If you have any information about any crime, but do not wish to speak to police or university security, phone Crime-stoppers on 0800 555 111.  Your call is free, you do not have to give your name and you may receive a reward.

Crisis, management 
See Major incident


Dangerous Occurrences
See Accident and Dangerous Occurrence reports above

See Major incident

See Special Needs .

Disclosure is a system run by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), an agency of the Home Office, that allows organisations to run police criminal record checks on employees or newly recruited staff (with their consent). The principal purpose of Disclosure is to prevent dangerous people (paedophiles) from working with vulnerable adults or children and young persons. Checks on behalf of the School are carried out by the School's Lead and Counter signatories both of whom are required to be registered with CRB. Any queries about this system please contact Paul Thornbury , Head of Security (A101) telephone 020 7955 6055 or Nova Larch in Human Resources telephone 020 7955 6656.
Contact: Paul Thornbury

See Access Control above. For times of opening of School Buildings see Buildings above. Management of 'stand alone' specialist swipe card entry systems within the Campus

Drug policy
The Haed of Security collates information about drug misuse. The School's drug policy is, 'The School will not condone the possession or supply of illegal drugs and is opposed to the excessive consumption of alcohol.'


See Lifts below.

For internal security dial 666 in emergency.

For fire, police and ambulance dial 9-999 from an internal phone or just 999 on an external line.

Emergency call out of key staff
In the event of a major incident or disaster affecting the running of the School, a list of  home telephone numbers of key staff is held at the security control room which is open 24/7. 

Emergency help alarms
See Alarms above


Fire Assembly Points
Click here
for locations of assembly points for each School building.

First Aid
There are first aid boxes at the main School reception desks and most security staff are trained to administer first aid. Dial internal extension 2000 or 7111 or 020 7955 6200 or 666 in an emergency

Freedom of speech
See Public meetings below


Ground rules for public meeting
Pro forma setting out advice to the Chair of a public meeting to control and manage an unruly meeting is available from the Head of Security

Ground Rulesfor working at LSE 
Copies of Ground Rules which set out conditions of entry to public theatres and public meetings are available from the Head of Security
Contact: Paul Thornbury


See Alarms (Emergency Help) above


See Accident and Dangerous Occurrence reports above.


Job vacancies
For job vacancies in Reception, Security and Porters sections speak to Richard Mulcahy, Operations Manager
Contact: Richard Mulcahy


Management of over two thousand keys in key safes, issue, return, locking and unlocking of doors and buildings. Management of the Clement House office door key system.


Laptops are top of every thief's list of most desirable items to steal.  Please look after your laptop and do not leave it unattended at any time.  These items are so easy to spirit away.  Laptops should be locked away out of sight when not in use and never left on a desk. Laptop security straps can be purchased to protect your equipment for a very short period of time for example, getting a book, photocopying or taking a comfort break.

Secure laptop lockers: The School now provides secure laptop lockers for use by students and staff. These lockers are located in room G.15 on the ground floor of Old Building. For directions to this room please speak to the staff on duty at the Old Building reception desk.

There is no charge for the use of this facility and all you require to enter the room and operate the locker is a valid LSE campus (ID) card.

Conditions of use and operating guide information. (PDF)

Responding to lift alarm calls to the thirty lifts located throughout the School. Giving support to anyone trapped in a lift until rescue can be affected. Calling the emergency lift breakdown call out contractors.

Monitoring halogen lighting provided outside the School to make the campus brighter and less hostile during winter months. Reporting burnt out lamps.

Liquor Licensing
Management of the School's policies on late night liquor licensing for late night events in the Three Tuns and the Quad. Liaison with the Students' Union Entertainments Sabbatical and the licensee of the Three Tuns.

A user friendly and fully accessed controlled locker room facility with 1000 locker units is situated in the basement of Old Building, access by LSE Staff or Student ID card only . These are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Padlocks to secure the lockers can be purchased from the SU Shop. Please do not  use inappropriate padlocks (lock hasp must be a minimum 6.3mm in diameter).  Please read the Conditions of Use (PDF)
You can also find coin operated £1 lockers in the Old Building basement.  These are for short term use only.


Major incident
A major incident is an incident which would involve significant responses from emergency services.  For advice see .  See also Emergency call out of key staff.

See public meetings below.


Opening hours of School buildings
Click here for times of opening of School Buildings


Uniformed foot patrols are carried out throughout the night and day of the entire campus.

The local police station to the School is Charing Cross Police Station located in Agar Street, London WC1N 4JP. Agar Street is a short street leading northwards off the Strand almost opposite Charing Cross main line railway station and a little further away from Trafalgar Square.

You can contact the police in an emergency by dialling 999. Otherwise ring 0207 240 1212 and ask for the department in the police station that you want. That might be: the control room; the crime desk; the front station office; the criminal investigation department (the CID who deal with the more serious types of crime ONLY).

This is a very busy police station that covers theatre land and the West End of London. Minor non emergency crimes can be reported on-line to police on Please remember to report any crime that has occurred on the campus to the School security teams on extension 2000 (internally) or 020 7955 6200/7111.

Property lost & found
Receiving, checking, recording, bagging and sealing property found. Making  enquiries to get property found back to the loser. Half of all property found is restored to the loser. Recording details of property lost and checking this against property found. Contact details and opening times can be found here.

Public meetings
Upholding the Director's obligations under law to ensure 'Freedom of Speech' at meetings organised within the School. Helping the chair person at a public meeting to do this. Ensuring that the School's lecture theatre ground rules conditional upon entry to public meetings are upheld. Maintaining good order at and surrounding these events. Ensuring the safety of VIP guests. Copies of Ground Rules which set out conditions of entry to public theatres and public meetings are available from the Head of Security
Contact: Paul Thornbury


Reception desks
Staffing the main School reception desk 24 hours of the day 365 days a year. Staffing other reception desks at various locations and times throughout the day
For further details contact: Richard Mulcahy


Special needs
For assistance to anyone with special needs please telephone the control room any time of the day or night on 020 7955 6200/7111 (Extension 2000 internally or in an emergency 666)

Suspect materials, packages or letters
See Bombs above

Suspect persons
See Crime above


The School has a contract with a taxi firm. Anyone in the School can use this taxi service if they need to do so in connection with their work. Contact the reception desk on 020 7955 7111 (or just 7111 from within the School). Explain the need and if your need is justified the reception desk will telephone the taxi company and order a cab. The invoice for the cab will be met from School funds provided that the cab is used in connection with School business. Any queries regarding this system please contact the Security Office on 020 7955 6589/7978
Contact: Richard Mulcahy or Graham Shillabeer

Telephones outside normal office hours
See Control Room above

See public meetings above.

The School is a private place. It is also an open environment. There is no right of public access to School premises. Trespassers may be asked to leave. In extreme cases the School may apply for a court order to exclude a person who continually enters the School without reasonable cause.

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