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Residential Services
London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street


Telephone:  +44 (0)20 7955 6786
Fax: +44 (0)20 7955 7776


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Residences Management Team

Members of the Residences Management Team (RMT)

Ian Spencer 

Spencer, Ian - Director of Residential Services 
Ian is head of the LSE's Residential and Catering Services Division (RCSD). He has responsibility for the School's residences and catering. Ian reports to Andrew Young, Chief Operating Officer.

Contact details: SAR 1.02A, 020 7955 7083,

Claire Warne100_150

Warne, Claire  Divisoinal Administrator, Residential Services
Claire is responsible for providing administrative support to the Director of Residential Services and RMT, Claire reports to Ian Spencer, Director of Residential Services.

Contact details: SAR 1.02A, 020 7955 6990,


Anderson, Richard - Service Manager, north and south clusters
Richard is responsible for the day to day operations in Butler's Wharf, Bankside House, Rosebery, Passfield and Carr-Saunders Halls. Richard manages the Front of House staff in halls and oversees the cleaning and security contracts. Richard reports to Allan Blair, Director of Facilities Management.

Contact details: Bankside, 020 7107 5750,

Allan Blair

Blair, Allan - Director of Facilities Management
Responsible for the development and operation of all facets of facilities management (FM) at LSE. Allan reports to the Director of Residential Services for residences related FM.

Contact details: 1KW3.01, 020 7955 6748,

Hannah Goddard1

Goddard, Hannah - HR partner (in attendance to the the RMT only) 
The HR partner for the Residential and Catering Services Division provides support and advice with HR planning and HR related issues.

Contact details:  LRB 5th floor, 020 7955 7070,

Sarah Jons

Jons, Sarah - Service Manager, central cluster
Sarah is responsible for the day to day operations in High Holborn, Northumberland and Grosvenor Houses. Sarah manages the front of house staff in halls and oversees the cleaning and security contracts. Sarah reports to Allan Blair, Director of Facilities Management.

Contact details: High Holborn, 020 7107 5710, 

Hannah Kearns

Kearns, Hannah – Residential Services Manager
Hannah is responsible for the Residential Services Office (RSO). Hannah and her team manage all student accommodation applications and allocations. Hannah reports to Ian Spencer, Director of Residential Services.

Contact details:   SAW3.02, 020 7107 5091,

Fiona Tomasi

Tomasi, Fiona – Business Development Manager
Fiona is responsible for sales and marketing of our student bed spaces outside of term time. Fiona manages the Central Reservations Office (CRO) and the LSEVacations team.  Fiona reports to Ian Spencer, Director of Residential Services

Contact details:  SAR1.02, 020 7955 7370,

Mike Warriner

Warriner, Mike  – Systems Manager (RCSD)
Mike is responsible for managing IT systems within the Division including the Property Management System in residences and the EPOS system in catering. Mike reports to Ian Spencer, Director of Residential Services

Contact details: SAR1.02, 020 7106 1306,



Role of the Residences Management Team (RMT)

The Residences Management Team (RMT) meets monthly to discuss matters of finance, operation and strategy. For a meeting schedule and minutes, visit: Residences Management Team meeting schedule and documents

The Role of the Residences Management Team (RMT) The RMT is a formal support group to the Head of Division (HoD) and is the primary management group for the Division. Its function is to advise and support the HoD on a variety of management issues.

It is the responsibility of RMT to support the HoD in: 

  • proposing the residences strategy and delivery mechanisms 
  • implementation of agreed strategy
  • recommending policy and objectives through assessment of needs, risks and opportunities 
  • evaluating performance against objectives 
  • ensuring best use of resources 
  • promoting the Division to stakeholders 

Major responsibilities

  1. Support the Head of Division in the development and delivery of the Operational Plan within a performance management framework. 
  2. Advise the Head of Division on prioritisation of activities within the Division to provide best use of resources. 
  3. Manage and monitor the effectiveness of policies and procedures in the Division.
  4. Ensure the maximum effectiveness of staff and projects for which line management responsibility has been allocated.
  5. Encourage and promote innovation throughout the Division to efficiently meet evolving organisational priorities and needs.
  6. Review and manage the risks relevant to the Division.
  7. Provide strategic oversight for monitoring and reviewing the Division’s finances and risk register to ensure effectiveness of financial and management controls.
  8. Foster effective team working across the range of team activities to maximise the external impact of the School’s Professional Service Divisions. 
  9. Monitor the Human Resource Strategy for the Division, ensuring that effective and fair people management standards and processes are applied through the Division. 
  10. Champion ways of working and behaviours (Effective Behaviours Framework) which are consistent with the School’s values and Ethics Code.

Performance monitoring, management and reporting

The Residences Management Team, via the Operational Plan, is responsible for: 

  • identifying annual meaningful indicators of performance, and then monitoring and reporting on these to the School’s Senior Leadership Team and relevant Committees; 
  • generating Divisional performance information in respect of performance indicators

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