Fire safety in LSE halls



This film is about safety, especially how you stay safe in LSE halls of residence

We want you and everyone else to stay safe, so please watch this film and take note of anything unfamiliar to you. If you have impaired mobility please tell us so that we can assist you during an emergency. When you move in to your room, please read the important safety instructions on the back of your door.

If you are arriving from overseas, you will be used to living by different rules and laws. In London, English laws apply. Number 1: smoking is not allowed indoors. Anywhere. Ever. It is the law. Even if something is labelled fire resistant or retardant it can still catch fire.

Serious safety incidents can happen and we manage these incidents. During such events you must follow all instructions given by the emergency services and LSE staff. 

Learn two exit routes from your room to the fire assembly point. Look out for the fire exit signs and fire safety equipment in the building. If you hear a fire alarm, don’t panic. Leave the building quickly by thenearest fire exit, always use the stairs and never use the lift. Don’tstop to pick up personal items and close doors on your way out if it issafe to do so. Make sure your neighbours leave too. Always raise the alarm if you discover fire.

If you see others who are in need of help during a fire evacuation,help them if you can or inform someone else as soon as possible.

Only ever cook in the kitchen. When you are cooking, don’t bedistracted by friends, phone calls or by going back to your room. Do not leave any cooking unattended. Focus! And don’t cook anything in your bedroom.

Don’t let rubbish, recycling or other hazards accumulate or block corridors. If you see it, report it. Fire exits should always remain clear. Smoking is not allowed in our halls of residence. Check prohibited items. Only use singular electrical adaptors that are the right voltage. Ask reception for advice. Always treat a sounding fire alarm as a real fire and a threat to your life.

Fire doors need to remain closed, so never prop them open – especially not the kitchen door. Fire extinguishers, doors and detectors are tools to save lives. Do not interfere with them. It is illegal and dangerous.

We carry out weekly testing of the fire alarm sounders. Let us knowif you can’t hear the sounder from your bedroom.

So, remember. Do plan escape routes from your bedroom to the street. Do evacuate each time you hear the fire alarm sound. Do listen to us and the emergency services when you are giveninstructions and advice. Do ask for our help if anything in this film is unclear to you.