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Your Hall Your Call

Recommendations and actions 2015

During Lent Term each year, the LSE Students’ Union meets current residents to gather their views on the accommodation and services that they experience in halls.

The 2015 Your Hall Your Call event resulted in 17 recommendations on how to improve the services and facilities. These recommendations were passed on to the Residences Management Team who gave the following responses.

1. Major maintenance or refurbishment work should take place outside term time to avoid serious disruption to students.

We are committed to improving our halls through a programme of refurbishment works. Due to the high demand for LSE bed spaces (6,500 applications for 4,000 beds) we are not in a position to close any hall for major refurbishments. Working closely with the Estates Division, we close one or two floors of a hall and refurbish them during the academic year. We do not carry out any refurbishment works in summer term. 

We advertise refurbishment works to incoming students on our Refurbishment and planned maintenance works in halls webpage.   

If refurbishment works can be completed in the 12 weeks or summer term, we do this but most major refurbishments take more than 12 weeks and therefore run into the academic year. 

Maintenance works are a slightly separate issue. Maintenance works are not always planned; they are sometimes reactive such as a result of mechanical and/or other reports from residents. We do give residents notice when maintenance is planned and when, for example, rooms need to be accessed. Refurbishment works are planned on a 6-12 month cycle within LSE halls.

The process the School follows for refurbishment and maintenance works are the same on campus and in halls. 

2. Refurbishment works scheduled to take place during term time should be clearly advertised beforehand to allow students to make informed decisions about their studying and accommodation plans.

As above, we agree that planned refurbishment works should be clearly advertised to applicants and students. We make clear our planned works, once they’re confirmed, on our Refurbishment and planned maintenance works in halls webpage.   

3. Complete necessary maintenance works as soon as possible and provide residents with frequent updates.

We agree that residents should be notified when maintenance undertake their work following a report, when a resident can expect the work to be completed, and if there are any delays as a result of circumstances beyond our control, such as the ordering of parts. Residents should speak to staff on the reception desk in their hall about maintenance reports. If students are not content with how their request has been handled they should follow our complaints procedure to ensure their situation is reviewed by the relevant manager:  

For information about how to make a complaint, please visit the following webpage:  LSE Residential Services - Service Charter

4. Repair and maintain communal computers and printers.

IMT led a review of IT provision in halls last year. This was conducted with the help of students living in the halls. As a result of this review we are planning upgraded the rooms in terms of both look and feel as well as the introduction of new IT hardware. 

Separately, there is a school-wide project under way to review the provision of printing. Printers in residences are included within this review.

5. Improve the quality and speed of WiFi.

 WiFi is presently provided to LSE managed residences by prior agreement with Studentcom. 

We are working with IMT to pilot a new in-house wireless network service in one of the Halls over the summer.  If successful, we will look to extend this to other residences.

6. Provide a transparent account of how rent prices are set.

As a division within LSE, we work to a set timeline of budget preparation and approval. This is set at school-level, with the final approval of residences income and expenditure streams approved by LSE Finance Committee in Lent term each year. Student Union representatives sit on the School Committees. 

7. Implement a freeze on annual rent increases to avoid LSE halls of residence becoming unaffordable for the majority of students.  

Residential Services do not agree with this statement. Our income and expenditure is ring-fenced and maintenance and refurbishments are paid for out of our income. The School does not subsidise residences. We monitor annually, rent levels in London and we believe our halls still represent good value for money.

In the 2014/15 Annual Student Satisfaction Survey, 83% believed LSE halls offered good value for money. (North, South and Central Clusters)

External organisations such as University of London set their own rents. 

8. Review the meat-free and vegan meal options that are available in halls.

Through the application cycle, new residents let us know what their dietary requirements are in order to inform catering planning. We welcome residents’ engagement with catering services in order to better tailor dietary requirements to their exact needs. We recommend that students speak with the Chef in their hall and that the committees actively work with the Chef’s to ensure the menus are what students want.  Initiatives like “meat-free” have to be palatable to the student residents who pay for the meals and our Chefs welcome an on-going dialogue about these initiatives.

9. End the Schools relationship StudentCom and revert back to using LSE IT for the delivery of WiFi to Halls.

StudentCom are a major provider of WiFi in halls and we believe the important thing is to work with them to improve the service in the short term. In the medium and longer term – see our response to point 5, above. 

10. Develop an effective room-mate matching service which takes into account student preferences and interests.

We would love to be able to do this. The Residential Services Manager will work with the SU Sabbs to see what is possible for the 2016/17 intake. If anyone knows of an institution that does this well, we’d be keen to hear from you. 

11. Maintain rooms to a similar standard, and ensure rent prices reflect the level of refurbishments.

Refurbished rooms are priced differently. Information is offered on our webpages here: High Holborn Residence virtual tour and information

Please note: 360 degree tours highlight different room types. 

12. Actively ensure residents of intercollegiate or private halls feel part of the LSE community by organising onsite events.

University of London residences have their own pastoral network and are run separately from LSE. We can try to work constructively with them, especially via the Residences Ambassadors at the start of the year. Any further ideas on how to improve this would be welcome.

13. Develop a long term plan to increase the amount of study space in halls.

We’d like to hear ideas from LSESU about how we could imaginatively use space to create additional study space.

14. Ensure all common rooms are well maintained and facilities such as pool and football tables are in good working order.

We have a programme of refurbishment for common areas. Butlers Wharf was completed last year and works are on-going in High Holborn to improve the ground floor and basement communal areas. Urbanest and Sidney Webb House have also, in the past year, refurbished common rooms. Please do let us know of any ideas on how to improve common spaces in particular halls. 

15. Social activities and spaces should be as inclusive and diverse as possible, catering for everyone.

Yes, we agree. Help us to create an inclusive environment by auditing the events on offer through Wardens and Hall Committees. We will also offer support and briefings to pastoral teams looking to provide different opportunities for socialisation. 

16. Actively promote recycling in halls to encourage more residents to live sustainably.

We are keen to hear  more ideas on how  we can  improve our performance on recycling in 2015/16.  Last year  eight  of our halls received Green Impact awards at the Celebration of Sustainability including  Rosebery Hall who received  platinum.  An increased number of halls have entered Green Impact this year and we are hoping for similar results.  The Catered Halls also achieved the Soil Association "Food for Life Catering Mark Bronze Award".  A full list of our most recent environmental achievements can be found on pages 22 to 25 of the Residential Services Annual Report 2013/14. We will report similar for 14/15.

17. Clarify what issues residents can raise with their warden team.

Recently, the Wardens Statement of Responsibilities has been published online. This is to make transparent the role of the Wardens and help to clarify what issues can be raised with Wardens.  

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