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Residential Services
London School of Economics and Political Science
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Telephone:  +44 (0)20 7955 6990
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Right of appeal

Appealing decisions on the Licence Agreement and Residences Regulations

If you are unhappy with any decision we make when exercising our rights under the terms and conditions of this agreement, you have the right of appeal (see clause8.1 of your Licence Agreement).

The LSE Residence Regulations, under section 32, set out your right of appeal to this decision and the timeline for appeal as follows:

  • 32.1 The Resident shall have a right of appeal to any decision reachedin respect of these LSE Residences’ Regulations and this shall be heardby the School’s Head of Residential Life or their nominee.
  • 32.2 Appeals must be submitted to the School’s Head of Residential Life within two weeks of receipt by the Resident of formal notice of a decision or penalty.

Download a full copy of the LSE Residences Regulations [PDF]

Appeals procedure and schedule

In order to make an appeal, you should contact the Head of Residential Life or their nominee within two weeks of receipt of a decision under the Licence Agreement and Residence Regulations.

Please set out your appeal clearly, in writing, providing supporting evidence.

The appeal will be heard by the Head of Residential Life or their nominee, by a review of the relevant paperwork.

How we assess your appeal

Appeals are generally heard and a decision made on the following grounds:

i) the procedure and process was not conducted in accordance with the Licence Agreement and Residence Regulations;

ii) new and compelling evidence has become available which was not, and could not, have reasonably made available at the time the case was considered, and

iii) the penalty imposed is disproportionate to the breach.

The appeal will be considered and a decision communicated within ten (10) working days of receipt of the appeal.

Decisions made under the right of appeal procedure are final.