Supporting St Mungo's

Being a university student housing provider in central London, we know that finding a roof above your head can be a major worry.

LSE Residential Services has teamed up with homeless charity St Mungo’s, to raise awareness amongst staff and students in residences about homelessness. We are planning events throughout the year to raise funds in support.

Jack Tindale, Alex Peters-Day and Ian SpencerSt Mungo’s are London’s largest charity for homeless people and people whose complex needs mean they are at real risk of street homelessness.

They provide over 100 accommodation and support services day in and day out and focus on the recovery of each individually. To find out more, visit:

This collaboration  was set up in 2012 between the LSE Residential Services Division, headed by Ian Spencer and the LSE Students’ Union,  represented by Alex Peters-Day and Jack Tindale.

To find out more or to make a donation, visit: