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Recycling in Reprographics

Laser jet cartridges

Reprographics is the School's main service point for recycling laser jet cartridges. We recycled more than 3,000 units in 2012. We have two different recycling contracts, one for cartridges returned with their original packaging and one for cartridges without packaging.

If you return laser jet cartridges in their original packaging, we send these to a company called Greensource who can clean and re-sell most cartridges, raising money for various charities in the process.

If you return cartridges without packaging, we can still recycle these (via Office Depot) but the cartridges can not be resold and therefore this option is not as environmentally beneficial.


Paper recycling and paper stock options

Reprographics is helping the environment by recycling its main product. We have recycle bins in various locations in the department for 'Paper Recycling' and 'Waste Only'. These bins are clearly marked to avoid any confusion and to ensure paper is rightly recycled.

Virtually all black and white copying within the Reprographics department and across the School-wide copier fleet is printed on Evolution Value paper which is 75% recycled. The paper is produced from 75% recovered fibre. Manufactured without chlorine bleaching, high whiteness is achieved thanks to a special converting process for the recycled fibre.

For colour printing Reprographics uses high quality paper with both PEFC |certified and 100% recycled options.

Kyocera photocopier/MFD toners

Each photocopier in the school needs toner in order to function. When we replace your old toner kit we send the old toner kit and the waste toner storage container back to Kyocera (our main photocopier/MFD supplier) for recycling.Kyocera printers and multifunction copiers are designed with the environment in mind. Kyocera's cartridge-free print technology reduces the number of components in the toner system by more than 85% on average, consequently reducing the manufacturing and recycling impact of the device.

Scrap pads

As a way of minimising our paper wastage we also provide free scrap pads. You can pick up these pads when you drop off your empty Printer Cartridges or even if you are just passing by. It costs you nothing so feel free to ask for them at any time.