How to contact us

Room OLD G.28
Old Building
4 Portugal Street
London WC2A 2AE

Opening hours: 9:30am-5:30pm

Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7986


Reprographics manages a number of multi-functional devices/photocopiers in various open access locations on campus. We can also arrange for provision of consumables.

Multi-Functional Devices

Reprographics has a fleet of multi-functional devices/photocopiers in various locations on campus. Please contact Reprographics to find out what your access options are.

If you think your department needs a copier, or an additional copier please contact us to discuss your options in terms of available specification and pricing.

Open access copiers


2nd Floor Old Building (two copiers) OLD 2.21

Paper and toner

If you run out of paper for your local photocopier or toner, please contact Reprographics on extension 7986.

For machine-specific technical reasons, toners cannot be replaced until completely empty and this cannot be overridden manually. Whilst the device may show a 'low toner level' warning, it is not specific and it is impossible to be certain when the toner will actually run out.

Fault reporting

IMT monitors the status of the fleet of School photocopiers using real-time monitoring software every weekday. We will identify and rectify the majority of issues without you having to contact us.

However, if a machine should become inoperable for whatever reason, the sooner it is reported the quicker the fault can be rectified. Call the IMT Service desk on ext. 5000 or email and we will log an engineer call immediately.


If your department is moving then your photocopier provision must be included in your departmental move arrangements. Contact Reprographics on extension 7986 and an engineer call will be logged. We will then liaise with you to arrange the most convenient time to move your departmental photocopier(s).

Please do not move the photocopier yourself, hire a removal company to move it, or request the porters to move it. This invalidate's the School's service contract and will almost certainly result in a copier that fails to work when you switch it back on in your new location. Your department would be liable for any associated repair and engineer costs.


Open access photocopiers and pre-paid copier cards