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Open access card readers and pre-paid copier cards

Reprographic provides pre-paid copier cards for use in the card readers attached to the open access machines| located across the school. The information below tells you everything you need to know.

Pre-paid copier card reader system

The benefits of the system include:

1. Ability to credit copier cards with 1000-5000 (multiples of 1000) units prepaid
2. After initial set up there is reduced administration for departments
3. Paper cards can now be provided to visiting academic staff pre-charged with 500 units
4. Detailed itemised monthly statements to departments
5. Ability to transfer credits from one copier card to another copier card if required.
6. Unique serial number on each card registered to individual member of staff

How is the system administered?

There are three forms each with a specific function:

1. Initial request for card form
|2. Request for further units form
3. Request for visiting academic copier card

What happens once you've done the paperwork?

Once we have received your Initial Request Form we will activate your copier card. The card comes initialised with 1000 units and a pre-generated PIN. Once we have done this we will email or phone you to inform you that the card is ready for collection.

Receiving your copy card

Once you've filled out the necessary forms. Reprographics can activate your new card immediately, this can be collected in person at the reception area or sent to you via internal mail. 

 Receiving your copy card

LSE pre-paid copier card

But I want more than 1000 units...

You can request more units at any time and just need to fill in the Request for additional units |form.

Additional units can be added in multiples of 1000 up to a maximum of 5000.

Reprographics maintains a comprehensive record of who has ordered what cards/units and this information will be sent to Departmental Managers and Administrators on request.

How do I change the pre-generated PIN?

If you want to have your card programmed with your own 4 digit PIN then simply come down to Reprographics with your card and we will change the PIN and update our central records spreadsheet.

How do I recharge my copier card?

Come down to Reprographics - fill in the 'Request for additional units' form and staff will charge the card there and then accordingly. Please note that the card number is noted on this form and so additional units added to a card are able to be linked to a particular member of staff.  This will allow departmental managers to be able to track costs in detail.

As the departmental manager how will I keep track of costs?

The cards are prepaid and approved by departmental managers/administrators on the initial request form. Each card comes with a default value of 1000 units and has a monetary value of £35.

Additional units can be requested in multiples of 1000. The card number that is being charged is recorded along with the number of units added.

What about security?

You are advised to keep your PIN private to prevent unauthorised usage of your copy card credits.  Reprographics recommends that you keep your copy card and any record of your PIN number separate.

For lost cards, there is a message on all cards to be returned if found to Reprographics Department. In this instance we will then check the card number and email the member of staff concerned.

What about a copier card for visiting academics or short stay staff?

Temporary paper cards containing 500 units are available at a cost of £17.50 each. These paper cards do not require a PIN and cannot be recharged but unused units can be transferred to a normal copier card.

Collection of cards

Due to the monetary value of copier cards and in the interests of good security all cards will be collected from the Reprographics Department front desk.

Your comments

If you have any helpful comments or suggestions regarding the copier card system then please get in contact with Simon Hill|, Reprographics Manager (Ext 7365) or Elena Vitan|, Office Manager (Ext 7986) or send an email.