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How to use the system

EPrint is a simple-to-use application to enable LSE staff to upload print jobs electronically to Reprographics. You can upload and submit your print jobs in minutes.

This step-by-step guide takes you through the basic process of submitting a job.  If you have a question about a particular element of the process then please do not hesitate to contact Reprographics who will give you any advice you need.  If this is your first time using EPrint then it is strongly recommended that you follow this guide.  

Please note:  EPrint is a Windows-based application. Unfortunately compatibility with other platforms such as Linux or Apple Mac cannot be guaranteed.

Summary of job submission process

The following are the basic steps that make up the print job submission process on EPrint.

Detailed job submission process

1.  Log into LSE for You| (LFY) via your web browser.

2.  Select Reprographics | Eprint from the menu on the left of the screen. If this option is not available to you then please contact the LSE for You support team| to arrange access.


3.  Select the EPrint Server link from the main browser window.  This will open up a window that will display the following options.

 Services offered2

The Stationery option allows ordering of Business Cards, LSE logo paper and compliment slips online. To submit a print job to Reprographics, select option 2 Upload Documents for Printing. You may be prompted to login to EPrint - enter your normal username, password and domain (LSE).

4.  Logging in will bring you to the EPrint home page.

 EPrint Home Page

From here you can upload documents via the Upload option under the LSE logo at the top of the page.  You can also view your personal library of documents by selecting Document Library.  Each user will have an allocated space for document storage so you can keep documents you submit to Reprographics. Note that documents will be deleted after six months to preserve server space.

5. If this is your first time using the EPrint system then define your personal preferences before trying to submit your job.  Select the Preferences option and you will see the following page:

 Personal preferences

By filling in these fields you will automatically populate your information in the ePrint application. Click the Save button and you will not have to fill in the text fields for subsequent print job submissions. The budget code field is a compulsory field and is useful for departments that always use the same code for their print jobs. 

6. To upload a document to Reprographics click on the Upload tab (next to Document Library).  The following screen will appear:

 Upload your document

Click on the Select button (above the large pink Upload button).  Choose the document you want to submit to Reprographics by using the standard Windows Browse functionality then click on the large pink Upload button.

7. When the document has uploaded, click the Document Library tab to be presented with a list of the documents in your personal library. Your most recent job will be at the top of the list.

 Document Library

Only select and submit one job at a time unless your finishing requirements and quantities are exactly the same for multiple print jobs - this is very important - EPrint will apply the same finishing requirements to multiple selected jobs so ensure this is what you actually require. If you wish to submit further jobs with differing specifications while the ePrint server is still open, please make sure that you deselect jobs that you have already submitted.

EPrint supports a variety of different file types and will give you feedback on your document status. If your document was successfully converted to PDF (standard print room document format) with no issues then you will see an icon with a green tick in it. An icon with capital Fs means that there was an issue with one of your fonts and that ePrint has substituted an alternative (this is usually a font licensing issue or a font has been used that is not on the standard 'School build' PCs). There may be other status icons. Contact Reprographics if there is a document status you do not understand. You will need to preview your document so click on the Preview icon for your most recently submitted document.

8.  Upon selecting the Preview option another web window will open showing you a PDF version of your submitted job.  Reprographics jobs are printed from PDF.  The following is an example of a previewed document:

 Previewed document

Please preview your document carefully as this is how the document will be printed.  While Reprographics staff always inform clients if they see any obvious mistakes, due to the volume of jobs submitted we depend on the client taking a moment to check that they are happy that work submitted is correct. 

If you have any questions concerning your document speak to Reprographics in advance of submission for printing.

9.  Once you have checked your job and you are happy with the proofed document, you will need to specify how you want your job printed and provide any administrative details required. The following is the first screen of the job specification process:

 Budget code error

Nearly all of the options can be edited, including the document name if you so wish.  Notice that the Pages option (number of pages in the original document) is greyed out.  The number of pages in the original is defined by the PDF conversion process and cannot be edited by the user. Currently Microsoft Office 2010 documents will show 0 pages but this will not stop the job being submitted.

EPrint cannot replicate every single possible print job variation but the Options button offers a free text field where further information can be typed.

If you have any query with the specification of your print job, don't hesitate to speak to Reprographics who will gladly provide you with accurate advice on how best to submit your job. (This is particularly relevant where you want to print multiple pages on single sheets e.g. 2 x A5 on one sheet of A4.)

10.  Unless you have already populated the Preferences text fields (see step 5 above) once you have defined how you want your job printed you need to provide your contact details, LSE delivery address and budget code. Click on the Address button.  The following screen will appear:

 Deleivery options budget code

If you have already filled in the information in the Preferences option of ePrint please make sure the correct budget code for your particular job is present. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have submitted the correct budget code for the job and that you have authorisation to use the code.

If you enter an incorrectly formatted budget code you will see the following error:

 Incorrect budget code

The budget code will be checked by Reprographics staff using the Finance Division budget code validation system. This system only confirms whether or not the budget code is valid and does not state which department the code belongs to. Administration for any subsequent budget code changes will not be carried out by Reprographics - it is the responsibility of the department to do such administration.  

Please check the other details as well, especially the email address.  If it is not in the correct format e.g.  then you won't receive your email notifications.

11.  Once you have entered your contact details and budget code the system is ready to produce a quote. This feature will not currently work with Microsoft Office 2010 documents. Press the Cost Estimate button and press the Calculate button that appears in the window that opens.  You will see a screen similar to the following:

 Job quote

The quote gives a comprehensive breakdown of your job - check it carefully to make sure that the criteria listed are exactly what you require. Things to especially examine closely are number of copies and the Printer Sides.  The Paper section of the quote will give a breakdown of the actual paper cost and associated print costs. If there is a problem with any detail of the job then simply revisit the appropriate section, amend where necessary and re-calculate.

12. To submit your correctly-formatted job click Send | Send Job to Printroom. On successful submission, you will see the following screen:

 Online job

This confirms that your document has been successfully sent to the Reprographics Department.

The screen also details your job title and the associated unique reference number. You can make an electronic copy or use the Print this Jobticket option so that you have a permanent record of your job in the event of a query. You will also receive an auto-generated email when the job arrives at the Printroom with a sequential number included. Saving this can be an easier option to record your submissions. 


If you have any problems or questions about EPrint then please don't hesitate to contact Simon Hill| - Reprographics Manager or any member of the Reprographics team|.