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A to Z of services

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Black and white copying
Central Reprographics has three high-volume print devices for this purpose, therefore freeing up excessive staff time spent using departmental or public copiers.

Booklet making
Booklets can be produced in house in A5 and A4 formats in full colour or black and white (or a mixture thereof). Reprographics offers a variety of booklet formats including saddlestitched (folded and stapled), tape bound and coil bound.

Business cards
Reprographics print business cards for staff and introduction cards for students. They come in sets of 200 and are charged at £20 per set. Their format is controlled by the School's style policy. For more information, please see LSE Stationery.


Colour copying
Reprographics has a Konica Minolta digital colour production press. This facility offers quality colour work, up to A3 and SRA3 sizes. The device also has an onlne booklet maker (see above). For larger sizes of printing, Reprographics has excellent external suppliers who will turn submissions around at competitive prices with good lead times.

Should customers have concerns with the service or products that Reprographics is offering we commit to resolving these as quickly as possible. See Resolving Complaints. Reprographics also has a feedback form for any feedback or suggestions for improvement of service.

Compliment slips
Reprographics produces compliment slips in sets of 500. For more information please see LSE Stationery.

The School takes the issue of copyright very seriously. Please ensure that any original work you provide to us for copying complies with the School's Copyright Policy. If there is any doubt as to the legality of any print request, Reprographics reserves the right to put requests on hold pending clarification of the matter from the relevant copyright body.


All work is delivered directly to your office or workplace as soon as possible after printing. Delivery times are from 09.30 to 17.30 Monday to Friday. If you need to collect the work yourself or require Reprographics to hold on to your work then please contact the Office Manager on extension 7986 and we will be happy to work to your requirements.

Digital printing
Customers should be aware of the difference between low resolution and high resolution images. Many customers will use internet images from their screen, which is probably the lowest resolution possible and not suitable for any form of quality print.


Electronic print submission - Eprint
Reprographics uses Eprint, an electronic print submission system for ordering print requirements online.The first time that customers use Eprint they will need to register their details i.e. Name, Department, Location, Budget Code. See the user guide. Once a document is uploaded to Eprint, it will be stored in the user's library for up to six months.


Fault reporting
All faults with regard to the photocopying provision on campus should be reported to the Office Manager on ext 7986 or emailed to


Hard copy
We strongly recommend that electronic copy is used for the submission of print jobs, however this is not always possible. We will always accept work submitted as hard copy. A form can be filled in at Reprographics reception or downloaded here and submitted with the material to be copied.

High Volume Work
For more cost-effective solutions with long run work, please speak to the Reprographics manager with regards to your requirements. Reprographics has long-standing relationships with external print supply companies who can provide good value and turnaround times to suit most requirements with quotes and lead times promptly supplied.


Large format printing
In-house provision allows us to print up to SRA3 size. Large sizes such as A0, A1 or A2 can be outsourced, competitively priced and with good lead times.

Leaflets/Flyers/Promotional Materials
Reprographics produce a range of promotional materials e.g. folded leaflets, flyers, printed note pages, pocket folders and posters in colour or black and white. Reprographicscan print personalised name badges for conferences or other events. Just send us your badge artwork (contact us to confirm best submission format) and you will receive your personalised name badges together with name badge cases (on request). To discuss quotes and requirements, please speak to Reprographics.

LSE stationery
Reprographics produces assorted stationery items including business cards, compliment slips and letterheads. These can be easily ordered through the ePrint online submission system. These are all compliant with the 'LSE Style Guide'. A proof will be supplied for approval prior to printing. Reprographics also supply generic School envelopes in 3 sizes: C4, C5 and DL.


Mail Merge
Simple mail merge runs can be done by Reprographics, ie incorporating lists of names and addresses into documents for printing. This process usually requires the customer to provide an Excel list of the data required to be merged. A small charge may be applicable.

Marketing and promotional materials
See above Leaflets etc.

Multi Functional Devices
Reprographics has a fleet of Multi Functional Devices/photocopiers in various locations on campus. Some of the devices are driven by a PIN and can offer print, copy and scan to email. Please contact Reprographics to find out what your access options are.


NCR (no carbon required)
We can produce NCR sets of papers or forms that require duplicates. Forms can be produced in sets of up to four sheets made up into pads or supplied as loose sets. Please speak to a member of Reprographics staff to discuss your requirements.


Open Access Copiers
Staff have open access to photocopiers across campus, usually copy card driven. See here for a list of copying rooms and facilities


PDF documents
Eprint does not currently support Microsoft Office 2010 documents (a replacement submission system is being reviewed) but there is a simple workaround available by converting your Microsoft Office document to PDF before uploading to Eprint. See here for detailed instructions.

We recommend that you request a proof prior to printing any expensive or long run jobs. You can request this within Eprint notes.


Reprographics can offer highly competitive quotes for all print requirements no matter what size. Please contact Simon Hill on ext. 7365 or Elena Vitan on ext. 7986.