How to contact us

Post Room
Room K55
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE


Post/ fax/ courier enquiries:
Tel: +44(0)20 7955 7989
Fax: +44(0)20 7242 0392



Estates Division Postroom


The Post Room is located in St Clements Lane.

Post Room Vinyls V3New window branding was recently installed, giving the Post Room a more visible presence on campus.

During term time the operating hours are 0800 – 1730
Out of term time we are open 0800 – 1700

All incoming items received for the LSE are sorted and distributed to the various departments and divisions around the LSE campus

Currently there are 2 daily collections and deliveries which are completed around campus daily.

The Post Room can assist you with:

  • London same-day courier bookings
  • Central Collection Point for completed outgoing DHL’s
  • Any assistance with training on how to use the DHL booking system – Intraship
  • Points of clarification of shipping and delivery times
  • Sending and receiving Fax’s
  • Franking Services
  • Standard 1st and 2nd class
  • Royal Mail Registered Delivery
  • Next day 9AM or 1PM Royal Mail Special Guaranteed Service
  • Advising on the delivery service which is more appropriate, depending on your budget or delivery time priority. 

Any other queries that you may have regarding Post Room services, please contact us via  or call us on 7989.

*Please be aware that the Post Room cannot accept responsibility for any personal items delivered to the School that are subsequently left in departmental post rooms or offices.*

When getting your business post delivered to the LSE please use this format:


Please include your deparment on the address. Missing delivery information will prolong the delivery.

For outgoing mail, please ensure the return address, including your department is on the back of the envelope.

Outgoing mail is franked as 2nd class unless otherwise requested.

Other franking services that are available, Recorded Delivery, 9AM and 1PM Special Guarantee.

We can arrange a same day collection and delivery and an overnight service for in the London area or outside, vehicle types range from Push Bikes, Motorbikes or Vans.

If this is a service that you require, please email the full address information, including the email and phone number of the receiver to: anything in booked we will confirm the price.  

Please also include your departments Budget Code.

We are not able to accept cash for courier deliveries, only departmental re-charging.


The schools international overseas courier is DHL, your department administrator will have the log in details and training on how to book this service.The post room offers the DHL training to anyone who requires it.  We can also provide packing material and additional DHL supplies for your shipment.

Please include/attach both of the print outs that are generated for your shipment.

The Post Room staff will collect from your department's out tray on the collection rounds, if you have a large quantity of outgoing packages, please contact us, so we can arrange a collection.

The Post Room can advise on the transit times for all international destinations.

Where is my item?

The DHL website allows you to track your shipment, just type your Airway Bill number in the Track your

The last collection DHL makes to the LSE is 5pm, if you have any urgent outgoing DHL’s which have been completed after the afternoon collection, please have them in the Postroom promptly before this time.

Not just sending a document?

Anything other than documents for overseas deliveries will need to be accompanied by a 'Pro-forma' document, which is supplied by the Post Room. Please complete this a fully as possible – to ensure the timely delivery of any packages, if you are unsure if your shipment requires a pro-forma please contact the Post Room.