How to contact us

Post Room
OLD G.23
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE


Post/ fax/ courier enquiries:
Tel: +44(0)20 7955 7989
Fax: +44(0)20 7242 0392


Departments should put their departmental stamp onto all outgoing mail, especially large postings. This will enable us to recognize where each item of mail originates from, and will allow us to deal with any problems with it. If returned mail contains a departmental stamp, we do not have to open it to ascertain who sent it.

All Mail outs should be separated into UK and overseas. We collect and send out a vast amount of mail each day. It would be helpful if departments sending out large mailings could separate these into UK and Overseas post.  All overseas post must have country of destination written at the end of address.  Large overseas packages must only contain documents and must have "PRINTED MATTER" written on the front of the package.

Please notify us if you have a large amount of post to send. This will enable us to organize the collection(s) from each department. Where necessary, we can also arrange extra collections from Royal Mail.

When addressing internal mail, please include the recipient's department/room number. Where possible, please put the room number/ department as well as the recipient's name on all internal mail, as several people within the School share the same or very similar surnames.

When giving out your LSE postal address, please include your room number/ department. This makes it easier for us to sort incoming mail, and will help ensure that post reaches the right person in the right department.

Please let us know when expecting important packages. If you are expecting an item of importance to be delivered to the School, please notify the post room so that we can look out for the item and notify you once it has arrived.

We will do our best to locate any missing item but the post room will not accept responsibility for any items lost if we are not notified.

Personal mail items delivered to the School

The Post Room will receive personal "Signed For" mail for individuals as we understand that people are at work for more of the day than at home.  Please be aware that any personal items received at the Post Room are the recipients responsibility.

If you notify us that you are expecting an item to be delivered, we can contact you when it arrives. If not, the responsibility is yours. Many departments have open, or partly open, access areas for mail. If an item is left there and not collected from the Post Room we cannot accept responsibility.



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