How to contact us

Post Room
OLD G.23
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE


Post/ fax/ courier enquiries:
Tel: +44(0)20 7955 7989
Fax: +44(0)20 7242 0392


DHL couriers: DHL are used mostly as a carrier for overseas items which need to get to their destination a bit quicker than normal items.  To Track a parcel just type your Airway Bill number in the track your shipment box. box.

For the latest rates and times please see Export rates.

Other courier services: for items that need to get to a London destination quickly there is a same day delivery service by Bike. This is booked in the same way as DHL but please get items to the post room by 10am for same day bike courier across London.  All courier forms can be found in the post room.

DHL Couriers and Bike Courier -  Each item of post sent is recorded by staff filling in a courier request form, whether DHL or Bike courier and these are then counted at the end of each month for us to monitor how many we have sent each month. DHL packages cannot be delivered to a PO box number. Please provide contact details (a phone number and/ or email address) for all DHL deliveries. Note that DHL do not (usually) deliver to PO boxes unless there is a contact phone number.

Courier deliveries

  • DHL: used for overseas and inland courier deliveries. Anything other than documents for overseas deliveries will need to be accompanied by a 'Pro-forma' document, which is supplied by the Post Room
  • Recorded: used for UK (signed for) delivery. We do not recommend overseas Recorded
  • Special delivery: used for UK next day by 9:00 am or 1:00 pm delivery only
  • We can also arrange for same day delivery, usually within the London area by Reuter Brooks (Bike courier). (Bike courier).
  • Any boxes or parcels over five kilos cannot be delivered by Royal Mail, and will need to be sent by a next day courier service. We need to be notified of this by 2:00 pm
  • Please note that we do not accept cash for courier deliveries, only departmental charging

European/ rest of the world courier service

Delivery by courier to European countries will be made, in most cases, the next day. Rest of the world destinations vary but most deliveries will be made within two to three days. Transit times can be verified by calling the post room on extension 7989.

UK couriers

Same day deliveries to postal districts around London can be arranged through our local courier company. Destinations further a field can also be handled on a same day service if ready for dispatch by 10am. In addition, an overnight service is available which guarantees delivery by 9:00-9:30am the next day.

All courier packages and large postings need to have an account code. We need Departmental Budget Codes for any courier work. ( i.e..1-_ _ _-_ _ _ _-_)

National Express deliveries

We can arrange same day deliveries to London and to most of rest of the UK using a courier company Reuter Brooks. We ask if it's further afield than the London area you have the package ready by 3:30pm the latest. All you need to do is bring us the package with a departmental code and will book for you . If by any chance the package is too big ring us on ext: 7989 and we will come and collect. All deliveries can be tracked via Reuter Brook's LIVE track system and will be confirmed upon delivery with their LIVE signature system.

Response times

The typical response time are:

Rider pick up within EC1/2/3/4, WC1/2 and W1

20 minutes from call to contact

Rider pick up within N1, NW1 SW1 and SE1

30 minutes from call to contact

Delivery Times

Two services are available ; STANDARD and NONSTOP

Delivery within EC1/2/3/4, WC1/2 & W1

NON-STOP: 30 minutes from collection to delivery


STANDARD: 60 minutes from collection to delivery

Delivery within E1,E2, N1, NW1 SW1 & SE2

NON-STOP: 40 minutes from collection to delivery


STANDARD: 70 minutes from collection to delivery

Delivery within E3/8/9/14/15
N5/8/15/16, NW3/5/6/8 and SW2/3/5/12/18

NON-STOP: 60 minutes from collection to delivery


STANDARD: 90 minutes from collection to delivery

All other London Postcodes

NON-STOP: 75 minutes from collection to delivery

STANDARD: 120 minutes from collection to delivery 





The delivery charge for the following postcodes is only £4.54 push bike/ £5.69 motorbike by same day bike courier, which is a cheaper and quicker option than DHL or Special Delivery. by same day bike courier, which is a cheaper and quicker option than DHL or Special Delivery.

WC1, WC2, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, SE1, SW1, W1, W2, NW1

(Please state whether you would like a push bike or motorbike)

Motorbike couriers will also deliver same day to all postcodes in the London area for the following charges:

NW6, NW8 ,N1, E2, W9,W8, SW7, SW3, SW8, SW9, SE11, SE17, SE5. = £8.63

NW5, N7, N5, E8, E14, SW4, SE16, W10, W11, W14, SW5, SW10, SW6, SW11. = £12.08

W12, W6, SW12, N6, N19, NW3, E9, E3, SE15, SE14, SE8, SE24, SW2. = £14.38

All other London postcodes £16 - £25