Strategic plan

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) was established on the belief that society can be improved by studying its structure and dynamics. Its founders believed that it was important to train those who formulate and implement policy to consider 'the causes of things' with intellectual rigour and an independent perspective.

Our vision is:

  • to deliver challenging, stimulating, research led degree programmes in an environment that supports learning and develops independent thinking among our students;
  • to ensure that our research and teaching remain at the forefront of the social sciences, addressing the evolving challenges of society;
  • to be among the most internationally-oriented centres of social science excellence in the world;
  • to extend our engagement with society across our full academic portfolio and into key regions of the world; and
  • to enrol the best students from around the world to benefit from, and contribute to, the learning environment at the School.

The key building blocks of our strategy are:

  • to maintain the size of the School at roughly 9,000 full-time students;
  • to enhance the quality of our teaching and of our academic support to students;
  • to enhance the quality of what we do and
  • to continue to enhance the quality of our estate

The School's Strategic Plan, which is designed to guide every member of the LSE community, is a sharply focused document concentrating on three core strategic priorities and an essential foundations section which acknowledges that responsibility for delivering strategic priorities rests with both academic units and the School's service divisions. The Plan contains objectives over the five year planning period as well as setting out what we will be aiming to achieve in 2011/12 which, via an annual monitoring process, will enable the Council of the School to judge the achievement of our intended objectives.

The three core strategic priorities are:

  • teaching and student experience
  • research
  • engagement

It is crucial to the Strategic Plan's success that everyone in the School is aware of these priorities. The clear connection between the Strategic Plan and department/service development plans and then to individual staff plans (via the performance and development review process) ensure that each and everyone of us can maintain our part in the planning process.