Planning and development

In recent years, with the support of colleagues in other areas, the Planning Unit has made considerable advances in its role of co-ordinating the School's strategic and operational planning.

The unit liaises with the Directorate, divisions, units and academic departments to produce the School's annual high-level strategic planning documents - the Strategic Plan and Corporate Planning Statement - and the annual monitoring statement required by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

Apart from producing the Strategic Plan itself - which is a symbol of the unit's integrative role - the unit's members are involved in a wide range of planning-related projects and initiatives including:

  • developing and monitoring an integrated rolling plan of student-related issues (targets, fees, student support, etc) which ties together School-level objectives and detailed plans at programme level;
  • supporting the development of strategies for the management of information;
  • working with the Teaching Quality Assurance and Review Office (TQARO) to support information for departmental reviews;
  • calculation of annual allocations of non-staff funding to academic departments using target student numbers and minimum staffing levels (MSLs) to enable more effective resource planning at departmental level; and
  • MSL scenario planning exercises for deputy directors and heads of department.

We will continue to work constructively with our colleagues in the Planning and Corporate Policy Division and across the School to try to improve the School's performance through better planning and monitoring of performance.